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Yes! Devoted and numerous *cough*sarcasm*cough* Fairly readers I have managed to confiscate one of Brad’s 7 posts. Brad admitted he must do so to avoid the rioting in the streets and possible burning of FPM in effigy . . . annnnnnnnnd yeah okay I’m done. 

So, De Blob anyone?

De Blob

So here’s the basic plot in a nutshell, you are a Blob (obviously), the big blue guy in the picture and see those little angry black starfish looking things with massive helmets? Those are inkies. They might look all cute and cuddly, make you want to take them home and throw them in a fish tank and watch them interact with your lil fishies . . . NO, my friend, they are EVIL! Their evilness is only surpassed by the awesomeness of their helmets. They have come to steal all the color from the world away and only you and your four colorful friends can stop them! 

So in  a nutshell, I love this game. It’s great, it’s mellow and the music is AMAZING. It’s the kind of game that you can just sit and play for hours and think you’ve only been playing for twenty minutes. The cinematics in this game are AMAZING. The graphics are amazing, the animation is basically flawless. The humor well, it’s basically Looney Tunes and De Blob is Bugs Bunny. Actually I wonder if those helmets were modeled after Elmer Fudd . . . hmm

elmer fudd

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, yeah probably not . . . 

This is probably one of the most dog garn happiest games I have ever played. The world is basically a giant coloring book and you are the crayon. 

So, outside of you and your four friends there are three main characters in the game 1) the inkies 2) the paintbots 3) the Raydians. 

We’ve already gone over that inkies are the bad guys, they’ve sucked the color out of the world. Paintbots are what you smash to get the colors needed to paint the town, they come in the three primary colors and you can combine them to form secondary colors. Yeah, I definitely made the mistake once or twice and forgot which two colors made purple and which two made green. When all that was going on I came to the conclusion that a kindergartner could definitely play this game better then me. You ask a kindergartner what you get when you mix red and blue and I’ll bet they would answer faster then your average forty year old. (Yeah yeah, everyone admit that you had to THINK before realizing that red and blue make purple). 

Oh and the Raydians, oh gosh, cutest things EVER. They are what have been taken prisoner by the inkies, basically they’ve become slaves. After you color an entire set of buildings you set them free, then you roll over them with whatever color you have and they all begin jumping and yelling “whee!!”. Guys, it is the most satisfying sound EVER!

So yeah, without going into too much detail because I was a bit shocked at how much they could throw into this game to make it difficult. I thought the whole premise would make it extremely limiting but man did they surprise me. Good game, solid plot, they definitely KEEP it interesting. You get goals throughout the game that you can fulfill by doing such things as a) coloring all the trees b) coloring all the billboards c) hitting all the transformers (unlockable when you get a certain number of points, transform large areas) and so on and so forth. Once you beat a level you are given secret missions which are interesting and can be just downright difficult. They rate you by bronze, silver, and gold medals which makes it even MORE in your best interest to Go for the Gold!!! (Yeah yeah cheesetastic, great). So even when you beat the game you can go back and get more achievements, and just go through the whole thing again! I’m actually thinking about it because I don’t think I freed nearly enough Raydians! 

Few complaints though (of course). I ranted for about 2 hours about one part of the game, I’d apparently spent too much time painting and had to follow flares (one of the achievements) while riding a monorail. Needless to say I ran out of time, so I lost a life, then when I came BACK I realized that no matter what I did there was no way I was going to have time to finish the monorail. Needless to say I was FURIOUS because it was RIGHT before the end of the game and I was going to have to start the entire level over again. Yeah, Brad got a chuckle out of that one because I was fuming and stomping around his house. I rarely lose my temper at a game but at that point I wanted to throw my controller at the screen. Obviously I calmed down and came back to the game.  

Another problem I has is De Blob’s tendency to get stuck. If you fill up with too many paint points (max is 100) you have a tendency to get stuck on the sides of buildings. I understand him not being able to jump high enough, but when you need paint points and you can’t fit between too buildings or you fall in between some pipes and are stuck for a good five to ten seconds, you get REALLY annoyed. Especially when you are on a time limit. Also sometimes the controls are SOOO sensitive or SOOO specific that you can get into the swing of something and then start doing something wrong and you have no idea. For instance, they have a Z jump in the game. You get on a Z circle and hold the Z button and then flick the nunchuck. Well, after doing this a few times I started getting a delay and he wasn’t jumping off so he would just slide down. Then I realized that I had to hit Z THEN flick the nunchuck and do it in a specific way or Blob just wouldn’t respond. So you really have to pay attention to what you are doing with that kind of thing. Timing is everything with his moves. 

Cool thing, the music is amazing and the actual game comes with the soundtrack. I must admit that aside from Zelda (I am a tad bit bias though) De Blob is one of THE best soundtracks in a videogame. It’s subtle without fading out and noticeable without being obnoxious. They hit it JUST right.

In short, buy the game, you won’t regret it. It’s at least something that you can use to mellow out before going to sleep or to just give yourself some downtime between whatever games you are playing at the moment. Not just a kid’s game no matter how rainbow happy fun time it seems. 

(btw, it is difficult and the last boss definitely goes down as one of the most obnoxious boss fights I’ve ever been in EVER)

Was this post too long? Man, I feel like I condensed a lot . . . didn’t want to boggle your minds! 😉


  1. WJUK

    Looks like you’re having great fun with the game (I swear I could feel your excitement in the article), one thing to note for people who want to play de Blob, it started off as a free downloadable game – so if you look around you should be able to find it. I don’t think it has as much features as the Wii version but it has the same premise.

  2. liphttam1

    I don’t think the soundtrack is that good. But the legend of zelda series is amazing. I get the songs stuck in my head way to often. My second favorite soundtrack is halo. Mostly because there isn’t one. It only plays at specific well picked times.

  3. FairlyObvious

    To each his own. At least with De Blob you get to “choose” his mood of music. That at least allows you to keep any song you find annoying out of the game entirely. The composition totally fit the game though.
    In general I do feel it is a bit unfair to compare the de Blob soundtrack to Zelda because they are both such completely different games. de Blob is more fun and upbeat while Zelda is pretty much serious business throughout the whole thing. Zelda has a soundtrack that is similar to what most would see in movies (which is why when it’s orchestrated it’s simply AMAZING), same with games such as Final Fantasy. de Blob plays less like a drama and more like a cartoon. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

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