Post 3/7

Yep! Still posting! A bit late today, but this one was a bit less than planned.

Before I start, there might have been a problem with an anti-bot plugin that I installed yesterday, but that’s fixed now, so if anyone wasn’t able to log in yesterday or earlier today to comment on Fairly’s post below, have at it!

Moving on…

So in the podcast I mention some tiny ninjas or something like that. But I wasn’t really serious. But apparently everyone wants ninjas in World 3, so let me introduce, the Toothpick Ninja Clan!

A Toothpick Ninja

Let’s face it, all games are made better by tiny, jumping ninjas, and World 3 needs more baddies (and I’ve been wanting to make some that jump), so why not?


  1. VideoGuy

    Wow, World 3 is going to be quite a game. Certainly a LOT bigger than World 2 I can see. Great artwork for this guy and the pirate, by the way.

    Is Flash capable of handling all of this awesomeness without crashing? 😀

  2. FairlyObvious

    Dude, they are the TOOTHPICK ninjas, you know the guys that sneak into your kitchen drawers at night and steal all your toothpicks? They are tight with the sock monster.

  3. ashnazg998

    wouldn’t it be really hard to kill the ninjas if they were perpetually jumping around? maybe there could be some way of intercepting them in the air, something cool like a flying side kick or something. or they could just be really hard to kill.

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