/\ Might be a pretty good way to keep you guys updated on a tiny bit of the progress of a tiny bit of World 3, no?

(you might have to clear your cache if nothing’s different)


  1. Niall

    How are you guys not seeing this? D:

    It’s a new animation for the idle-to-run state. He’s bending over a bit more and his arms and legs are more crouch-y.

  2. WJUK

    @liphttam1: Yea I’ve noticed that.

    @Niall: Huh that seems like it’s right. I’m going to compare it now.

    Ok yea it does seem a little different. In world 2 both his arms are crooked, while in the header the arm at the back is curved. And yea he is bent forward a little more it seems.

  3. Niksterino

    Oh and Brad can you PLEASE give a bigger area to play with FPM? Like some sort of areana? I want more space to use the new run 😀

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