Boom Blox



How many people have heard of this game? Brad was obsessed was getting it once he figured out that Stephen Spielberg was making a game. I think he was a bit disappointed when raptors didn’t jump out and eat you after you lose. 


Oh . . . there they are. 



Yeah . . . that wasn’t creepy at ALL. 

Okay, anyway, Boom Blox. Why did I decide to review it? Teh SEQUEL!! 

Usually I cringe at sequels, but I have high hopes for this one because Boom Blox really did match perfectly with my expectations, it didn’t disappoint, it didn’t exceed, it just fit. It doesn’t parade itself for anything more then it really is, a very good family oriented game. Brad’s aunt loves the game, Brad and I have played with with my mom, when we have family get togethers its usually the center of all the cousin games. So it works great. It’s also great for those awkward moments when you have people you don’t know over. Even moreso then Wii Sports. 

The physics are great although sometimes when you are knocking towers over you wonder how that one block can hold up ALL OF THOSE POINTS, I mean . . . blocks. 

There are several different types of games in this. Brad’s favorite is definitely the shuffle board game. That’s a game when you throw baseballs at blocks to shove them into points areas. What’s also amazing about it is you can throw baseballs at OTHER people’s blocks. So when you are losing you can just start knocking people off the playing area. Yeah, we’re horrible people . . .

Same thing with knocking over towers. If you are losing and you are bored, just start throwing baseballs at the dancing beavers in the background. I think at one point I started knocking over beavers because Brad’s cousin wanted to so it became a competition on who could hit the most beavers. Go figure.

It’s NOT just a party game though. They do have single player and they do have  co op games. They all involve trying to save different animals from certain doom lurking outside of the walls. I will warn you that sometimes you get really upset at those animals from being SO SLOW!!! I mean, from having short little legs so they are unable to save themselves from those horrible ghouls waiting outside to attack those poor little . . . dumb animals . . .

So, what’s great:

– Positive interaction, good for large groups

– Graphics and physics, fun and accurate

– A good laid back game unless you are uber competitive

What’s meh:

– It does present itself as more of a kiddie game then a hardcore full out game. However, who doesn’t like kicking back and playing something that’s just plain silly once in a while 😉

I’ll be putting up a review on Twilight Princess soon. It’ll be a bit long because I decided to review the levels individually. It’s really the only way to review a Zelda game when you think about it. Consequently, it’ll take me a bit longer to write 😉

Oh, and, interesting story guys. On a personal note, I was up in Auburn visiting my younger brother. He was telling me how he’d been in computer lab and about five guys were playing FPA and talking about the new character Brad had thrown in (Cutie Pants). This makes me assume that they actually read the site. Anyway, my younger brother told them that his sister was engaged to the guy who made FPA and they laughed at him. Apparently they didn’t believe him. 

So . . . if you are reading this, five guys in the computer lab, he wasn’t lying 😉


  1. VideoGuy

    VideoGuy/Spielberg should have the first comment here.

    My thoughts:
    It sounds like a fun game. Makes me wish I was more into video games.

    That’s the problem with being related to a celebrity. Nobody believes you if you mention it.

    Also, is there any way to have the ads open in a new window? It’s annoying to click them (best thing I can do without donating :-)) and then have to hit back to keep reading on this site.

  2. Slugminni

    I’ve never played this game.

    However, I just noticed your De Blob post, and I have to agree with Fairly whole-heartedly! That thing was a real nice surprise, and jumped straight into my Top 10!

    BTW, has Brad played any of the Mother games (Ness, Lucas)?

  3. DrNeroCF

    I’ve played some Earthbound, was wishing dearly that they would release it on the VC, and Mother 3 on the DS over here.

    I just love the style of that game, random all, what is it, like, rowdy party dude attacks, your dog barks and doesn’t do anything, the dude with you cries in the corner begging for his mom…

    If I ever made an RPG, it would probably be a lot like that.

  4. WJUK

    I’m ashamed to say that I have played Boom Blox – yea I’m gonna pull the busy with exams card and financial restrictions card again – but for quite some time my sister really wanted me to buy it.
    This game is one of the few Wii games I’m looking to buy (along with Zack & Wiki, Little King’s Story at the ‘mo).

    I’m looking forward to the TP review too, it’s been years since I played it – I remember finishing it a day before Xmas. It’s a great game but there are some issues. I’d like to see a Zelda game built specifically for the Wii, not just ported over from the GC.

    Oh and raptors are awesome, heh.

  5. liphttam1

    “Brad was obsessed was getting it once he figured out that Stephen Spielberg was making a game.”….. I’m not that into boom blocks. But it is still a realy fun game. Can’t make this reply longer WAAAYYY TO buisy… Procrastination FTW!

  6. Gazzo

    Oh, hai. Didn’t see you there.

    I haven’t played Boom Blox. (or De Blob. Although De Blob looks awesome)

    I think the design and presentation of it all is neat, but I’m just not that big a fan of puzzle-y type games. I’m looking forward to the Twilight Princess review. I haven’t beaten it yet, (it’s really really dull at some points…) but it has some awesome moments. A Link to the Past remains my favorite.

  7. Vane

    I like this game.It’s simple but also complex in a cute way that can interest anyone.I use to make comic books and i love to create characters.But i didn’t make any of these public cause well i am young and i have no idea where to go and what to do.I would like to have the possibility of showing you some of my “arts”.But using paint program isn’t making them as cool as in real life 😉

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