Crazy Times . . .

Hey guys,

I figured I should update about . . . not updating? Recently . . . maybe . . .
The past two weeks Brad and I have dealt with two wedding weekends, one that was one of his childhood friends, the other which was one of MY childhood friends. Not only that but we’ve both been swapping sickness back and forth, and I actually had a potentially bad infection I had to take care of. So yeah, it’s been an interesting three weeks or so . . . However! The constant driving back and forth or bedriddeness has given us more of a chance to play (surprise) videogames. We beat ODST, I’ve been focusing on Bowser’s Inside Story, Brad’s been playing Chrono Trigger, I’m still trying to figure out if I should hand off the Scribblenauts review to him because he seems so utterly passionate about it!
Brad’s also been working tirelessly on World 3, I know he’s been doing some quick updates about all of his stuff so I won’t get into that. That is his category after all, I just play the role of rabid fan and doting wife 😉
I probably will do another update soon on just some retro stuff that I’ve been thinking a lot about. Old shows and games and things that Brad and I attribute much of our inspiration and passion towards.
I’d also like to at some point do a review of the new movie coming out “Where the Wild Things Are” which Brad and I are definitely going to see ASAP. I figure it’s relevant because it is a book that both Brad and I experienced growing up and it definitely seems to be promising. At least it will give me a chance to rant about the good and bad things in movie today.
Sometimes I think I should go see movies that I know will devastate my childhood memories *cough* Transformers 2 *cough*, just so I can make clear that it in no way is related to MY childhood.
I do think we owe y’all a few wedding pictures though, in case any of you were curious what Brad looks like in a daytime tux . . .




  1. Niall

    You’re some FAIRLY tasty eyecandy, we appreciate the update and it’s nice to know how things are doing in the ol’ Borne household <:

    Congratulations again, looking forward to upcoming flahs gaemz and reviews.

  2. WJUK

    Wow, the place where you had the wedding looks amazing. And you both look amazing.

    Take your time, there’s been a lot of colds being passed around where I am too. I’m surprised I haven’t been sick yet.

  3. liphttam1

    Shame on you your lack of posting forced me to use a forum!!! A forum!!!!!! Ehhh… Whatever I’ll get used to it. Doe’s anyone else think that Brad and Fairly are glowing in those pictures? Might just be me though.

    About ODST isn’t it a good game? But unfortunatly we learned that Bungie doesn’t know charecter development too well. Take Buck and Veronica for example. All I noticed about them throuought the game is. I like you but we can’t be toogether and I don’t care. I miss you and don’t want you to get hurt. I love you so much but we can’t be toogether omg its soooo tragic. And I felt absolutly nothing when they kissed at the end. Well I was snickering a bit because the Rookey was watching.

    And about Scribblenauts. It’s a great game! I’ve been using an Romulation of the game to record some game footage. I do have the actual game so please don’t tell the feds!

    Anyway I’ve been searching the scribbleworld for cool items. I’ve been making short videos about them.

    If you don’t want to look I sugest you use Neogaf, Hydra, Shoggoth and lol wut.

  4. FairlyObvious

    We alternated standing up and kneeling. Honestly if it did hurt we probably wouldn’t have noticed since we were both a bit jittery 😉 I somehow managed to wear heels through the whole thing and didn’t notice how much pain my feet were in until they came off haha

  5. bananaphone

    OMG!! Why didn’t you tell me sooner!? Anyway… you guys look great! So cute! Hope the sickness has stoped, it seems everyone has it these days!

  6. WJUK

    Should be a professional photographer.

    And you guys played the new Uncharted yet? Heard it was pretty good.

    Also I suggest a review of the Professor Layton games, they’re great games.

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