Starfy Review =P

Yes! It’s a DS game that was finally released in the U.S., delayed only because Nintendo thought it MIGHT be too Japanese.
TOO Japanese? Come on guys, what’s so Japanese about this?


Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .
Moving on . . .

This is quite possibly one of the most saccharine sweet games I have ever played. It also comes equipped with a very distressed Starfy sound whenever you close your DS. It’s like you’re crushing him. I think it backfired with me though because I spent about ten minutes opening and closing my DS laughing maniacally to myself.
. . . Okay so that was after I whined to Brad about how I felt bad closing my DS.
Anyway, so, saccharine sweet. This is the type of game qualifies as “fluff”, there isn’t a plot that you can become too emotionally involved in. So it’s a perfect game for . . . say, a road trip or one of those thirty minute drives your parents drag you on. Or just a game that you want to play before going to sleep. It won’t grip you to the point where you HAVE to beat it.
Granted, the only reason I truly got stuck on it was because I was trying to figure out what the HECK was going on half the time.
You can’t skip the cut scenes which is a major drawback for me. At the last boss, yeah actually pretty difficult (the ones before really aren’t), but if you die you have to start ALL the way before the last cut scene and there is no quick press button or skip button. You have to wait until the game TELLS you to “Press A”.
Then there was the clam I had an issue figuring out if he was a clam or not, he looked more like that hamburger man that used to grace McDonald’s playground.
Closest thing I could find . . .

By the way, that brought back CREEPY childhood memories for me.
Anyway, it is a pretty good game, nice platformer, even a pretty cool concept. If anything, it’s at least hilarious to listen to the noises that come out of the DS. It reminded me a lot of a retro game that I used to play all the time on NES. “Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland”, I think I’ll do a flashback post on that one next. The reason it brought Little Nemo to mind is the whole “wearing animals as a suit” thing. Yeah . . . it’s a bit morbid sounding, but they manage to make it extraordinarily cute! In Starfy you have four different animals that you can become, you discover them along the way, and sometimes you actually have to go backwards through the map in order to get ALL of the treasure chests.
Another one of the extras that Starfy contains is *drum roll* COSTUMES!!! . . . No really, costumes . . . I’m not kidding . . . REALLY! Probably one of my favorite things to do was dress Starfy up and then run over and show Brad, mix and matching, and if you get two pieces of the same costume you automatically get a “special!”, for instance, you can make Starfy a viking, once you get both pieces you can see Starfy riding a boar!! . . . Really . . . I’m not kidding . . . *sigh*
They have quite a few mini games and a whole bunch of challenges to get secrets around the map.
This was definitely one of THE most kid friendly games I have ever seen. Even down to the animation! I should have expected this considering the game was brought about by the Kirby creators. I mean, how edgy can the makers of an oversized pink marshmallow get?
So, all in all, I would say, it’s a good game, but I’d advise buying it used if you’re interested in getting it. Especially if you are over 10 😉





  1. WJUK

    Too Japan? Pft, nothing can be too Jap- *looks at picture* Ok, nevermind.

    As a suggested review, I think it’d be good if you tried Scribblenauts on the DS. I’ve heard some good things about it.

  2. FairlyObvious

    @ WJUK Yeah, I need to get that one. I also need to go through “Rhythm Heaven”.

    @liphttam1 It was definitely one of those games that after I beat it I kind of went “Wait . . . WHAT just happened?!”

  3. liphttam1


    Definatly scribblenaughts. My brother has it and its awsome. There is so manythings you can do in it. It deserves a 10/10 just because you can make a zombie ride a unicorn.

    Well actualy I’ve never played it because I can never play anything Ny brother owns owns. Even the gamecube. I never got to use it. Even though we have a wii now he still wouldn’t let me use it even if I asked nicely. On the opposite side I bought an xbox with barmitzva money and I let him use it the first day I bought it. The worst part is. He never want’s to use the xbox or any game I bought for it. I think it has to do somthing with him hating me. Like when I was out at Martha’s Vinyard and I was going to get a skelloten pirate dog shirt, and I found out my brother wanted it too he went over and bitched to my dad then started crying. I got the shirt. He didn’t. He’s 16 by the way. I’m 14. Sorry about the hole side rant thing.

  4. FairlyObvious

    @lipttham Your brother sounds like the type of n00b I enjoy pwning in the face everyday. You can quote me on that.

    @qisadork That’s the best you can do? Geez, that’s just too easy. I’ll pass.

  5. liphttam1

    Oh, You know you and Brad are the only person on my frends list who I’ve never actualy played a game with. Was that you playing matchmaking in halo last night?

    I understand how halo is addicting. Halo is the only game I know that has the versatility to do almost whatever you want. Because with forge you can have racetracks, slayer maps, puzzle maps, minigame maps. Theres alot of realy cool maps that you can download. is the best place to download maps.

  6. FairlyObvious

    Yeah that was us. I’ve just been playing for about three days now. First person shooters were never really my thing, probably because in college when I played with all of the guys it just became a challenge of who could kill the girl first! tsk tsk it is fun though, especially late at night when brad and I are delirious with lack of sleep, even to the point where I start singing. That was probably too much information . . . 😉

  7. RossLee

    hehe Yeah, that would be really fun, because I’m a really bad singer. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your xbox live gamertag? I’d love to have my-favourite-platformer-author as a friend! I promise that I won’t spam you with messages about flash! Promise!

  8. qkilsdonk

    hahahaha! nice post. i’d enjoy crushing starfy hahaha tooo!:P
    Its really funny where those japeness guys get there happy ideas from. How happy do you need to be to create a “burger clam”, “pink marshmellow”, “Ultimate happy star” and so on.


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