Who knows if anyone actually cares about a review of the movie, but since it’s broken all box office records and finally topped “Titanic” as the top grossing film, I figure it was worth an article.

I have one main complaint about the film, and it’s not even about the film itself, it’s about the man who made it. I hate, HATE it when people make a movie all about their politics. I would like to simply go watch a movie and just not THINK about it, I want to take away from the movie what I think, not think about what someone else meant it to be. It’s one of the big pet peeves I have with certain English teachers as well . . . or Literature professors, they like to take their interpretation and force it on their students. I’ve experienced this several times and it drives me absolutely mad. I’ve also taken lower grades because of it. Yes, my professors have written in their notes that my personal interpretation is “wrong.” I’m not sure how a personal interpretation can be “wrong”, but whatever.

Anyway, now that the rant is over, ON TO THE MOVIE!

Brad and I loved this movie. I was EXTREMELY skeptical going into it, so the fact that I liked it says a lot. However, I will take the non-chick route and say I wasn’t a huge fan of the love story in many ways. It might have just been the dialogue though, the dialogue was lacking. James Cameron has a thing for throwing chick flick undertones into high energy movies. I don’t know how I feel about that, but it works for his numbers so more power to him.

The first time we went a saw it was in the 3d, IMAX theatre, I suggest seeing it this way if you can. If you didn’t see it in the IMAX I suggest you go back and give it another try. The visuals are AMAZING. We actually saw it a second time, 3d, no IMAX and I got a headache, go figure. Still breathtaking, but not AS breathtaking 😉 And yes you should see it in theatres, I demand it. Yes, I am demanding it.

So why was I skeptical? The hype, for one, the politics, and the fact that there were blue people in it and it reminded me way too much of Fern Gully + Pocahontas + Smurfs. You can see why I might be worried. I didn’t want to see this movie, I went because Brad wanted to go. Why did Brad want to go? The technology. The cameras and methods used were invented specifically for this movie and he desperately wanted to see the new facial rendering in action. He wasn’t disappointed. Neither was I. I came out incredibly impressed, the “Na’vi” (everytime they said that I immediately heard “Hey! Listen!” in my head, it was torture) were neat, the animals on the planet, Pandora (wheeee free radio of all your favorite songs!) pretty cool. The animals basically looked like earth animals skinned and with more teeth . . . and occasionally more legs. The main actor saved this movie, I give him props. Sigourney Weaver was amazing, and the “bad guys” were pretty darn cool too. Some of the dialogue was a bit cringe worthy though, I mean people don’t TALK the way these people do. Some of the dialogue seems a bit forced but that is kind of thrown on the backburner when your mind is just going “oooo pretty” at all of the surroundings.

Favorite scene, definitely, is the marine’s first scene in the Avatar body, and his first time experiencing Pandora. Basically he is just running around poking things and feeling the earth under his toes. It’s pretty cool because you are thinking in your head “Oh dude, I would TOTALLY be poking that plant!”

So yes, amazing movie, dialogue is saved because of the amazing visuals and a few of the supporting characters that really make it work. I ENCOURAGE everyone to see this movie in theaters. It won’t be the same on a regular TV, guarantee it. I mean COME ON!!! It’s PRETTY!!!!!

I will be posting a review of Spirit Tracks soon. My DS died before I saved (Stupid STUPID) so I lost a good deal of data and there are a good deal of side quests that MUST BE FINISHED!!!
Oh and I’ll be posting another “nostalgic” game article soon, Promise.

Be awesome to each other!


  1. WJUK

    Funnily enough, I watched the film twice as well. The first time in 2D and the second time in 3D. And frankly, 3D was better but not by a whole lot. You aren’t missing out on not watching the 2D version, I feel. But 3D was still superior in most ways. That being said, I have to applaud the fact that the 3D wasn’t always in your face about it going: “OMG. 3Dzzzzz! LOOK! PRETTY 3D STUFF!”

    *ahem* Anyway, the visuals were stunning as you (and many many other people) have said. So I’ll skip merrily past that bit. I have to agree that the best and only way to watch this is in a cinema (I don’t believe we have an IMAX cinema anywhere close to me, so regular size for me) especially with surround sound. I’m an audiophile too and I love it in cinemas with proper surround sounds. I actually have to restrain myself during films to find the best seat for the best sound (sort of like Sheldon from BBT 😛 ).

    It’s a brilliant action film, but the romantic subplot was ok. Overall, I think Titanic worked it in much better but it was no biggy.

    Oh, and was it just me but I actually smirked a little when the guy said: “unobtainium”.

    As for games being immersive for years: that is true. But when done right, films can be even more immersive -I feel- especially with a good narrative and pace. Then again, the same can be said of video games.

    Lastly, looking forward to Spirit Tracks review since I haven’t played it and it doesn’t look like I’m going to any time in the near future. 🙁
    Oh well, I’m hooked on League of Legends and Mount & Blade anyway.

  2. FairlyObvious

    I”m convinced that “unobtanium” was an inside joke that never got corrected in the final script. Either that or a “We’ll just put this until we can think of something else” and then they just didn’t think of anything else . . .

  3. Nyubis

    I saw it in 2D, because the 3D in the cinema here isn’t very good. No IMAX, and I my eyes hurt after seeing “Up” in 3D, so I went for 2D. Was still amazing though.
    I think they should’ve shown more about Jake discovering Pandora with Neytiri (because those months just took a few minutes) but then perhaps the movie would’ve been too long.

    And FO is probably right about “unobtanium”.

  4. applewarrior

    terrific movie!! but the music was even cooler!!
    ok not cool”ler” but it was great.
    james horner is so AWESOME. sorry, i’m a music geek

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