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Need some feedback, guys! No, not about the pirate!

This might be premature, but it looks like Adobe might have finally fixed a bunch of my performance problems with the Flash plugin… Currently I have to run a ton of goofy code that basically hangs up your CPU in order to get FPA running smoothly. I’ll need to post some tests fore everyone to try out later, but here’s a few things you guys can do and get back to me on:

– How ‘smooth’ Nuclear Eagle feels (it doesn’t use separate smoothing code, it should run using very little CPU, but even then it still didn’t feel as smooth in the browser as it did in the standalone player).

– Same thing with this site’s banner, I’m not using the code since it would be using up too much CPU for just a banner.

– The World 2 demo might be a good test, I know I’m not smoothing it, though I might have updated World 1 on Newgrounds, though you can try that one too…

I just need you guys to judge how those games feel before updating Flash, then how they feel after updating Flash. CPU usage too, if you know how to do that easily. Oh, and what OS you’re using.


  1. john junner

    This is totaly awsome!What is this about world 2 or 3 because I’m litaraly screching my head right now,i’ll try to chechit out right now.(:

  2. johnny

    Brad I figurd out yur name and I see the resone way world 2 tuck so long to mack but whats with the pirate oh and john junner no we are not twins I can tell we are to tally defforent peoples.

  3. DrNeroCF

    Hidas1: Well I was asking about the new beta. Looking at it now, I don’t think it’s actually fixed. Suprised suprised, Adobe fixes stupid video streaming, which HTML 5 does much better, but leaves timing/stuttering issues related to evrything else. BAH.

  4. Victor

    I couldn’t get 10.1 seeing as i have Mac 10.4 Tiger on my… well… iMac but I got the newest version for Mac and it is MUCH improved.


  5. harito

    Hey whatever works for you and you’re comfortable with :).

    I haven’t used AS2 in a while so I don’t remember what kind of time based functions it had. But if you switch to AS3 in the future try using a Timer based loop, its much faster and runs the same in the browser as it does in the standalone player. You can also run the game at higher framerates without actually setting the SWF high.

    Looking forward for FP3. 😉

  6. DrNeroCF

    BTW, mini rant: This stupid pirate is taking FOREVER to animate, and I finally got him looking how I want him to, but it’s exhausting, especially since I wanna post some video when I’m done with him 🙁

  7. Dodo

    Well, i have a very powerful computer, used mainly for animation…. It has Core i7 Extreme 3.33 Ghz, 7 huge fans, 12 GB Ram, 4 TB harddisk, and a graphics card of 2 GB.. I have windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, and it only uses 10% to 20% my ram… :).. and good thinking about the pirates… but i think the last enemy should be the rabbit, namely :”The revenge of the Angry Rabbit”, Again with the ice-cream….. well, the videos are cool. and now i am totally waiting for the release…. and after flash 10.1, it only uses 13% ram….

  8. TheVoid

    Very noticeable difference on my macbook pro. The motion tweens do not have a low frame rate as compared to the demo. The over all viewing experience is better with smoothing code.
    MAC OS X 10.6.4 after update.
    Basically, not much was fixed.

  9. gabgon38

    dude i think the game gonna come out nicely
    if you fix all the bugs……
    and plz can make demo for FPA world 3 so we can actually experience
    a part of the game

    if your looking for a plot for the game i have some ideas

    pm me if your interested

  10. ikili

    nuclear eagle was smooth,but use whatever u used for FPA 2,because it was awesome
    also,if your going to update FPA 1,please do 😀

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