1. VideoGuy

    I was wondering if you were going to say anything about this.

    About three minutes left to go, it looks like the Saints are going to win it. They really turned it around after the first half.

    Of course, this is coming from a guy who watches the Super Bowl for the commercials.🙂

  2. DrNeroCF

    @John junner: if the Saints went to the Super Bowl every day, I would totally be puting these things every day :/

    BTW, the Super Bowl usually exists soley the commercial, but you gotta understand, the Saints being the worst team in the NFL and never going to the Super Bowl has been a running joke since I was in grade school, so all this is pretty nuts.

  3. Trashcanham

    Actually the new joke goes something like this:
    Ever since Peyton Manning was a young boy he dreamed of throwing the winning touchdown pass for the Saints to win the Super Bowl. And I’ll be damned! He did it!

  4. DrNeroCF

    Haha, us New Orleans heathens. You know, I saw some guys with a huge cross on Bourbon last night. Know anything about that? Heh.

    We’re actually nice people, I promise! It’s the crazy tourists you have to worry about, haha.

  5. DrNeroCF

    Yeah, well, I was in a balcony nearby, for a little while, at least. Was mostly meeting a friend over there, I usually stay away from Bourbon around Mardi Gras, a bit too intense for my liking.

    Wait a minute, were you with / did you know the guys with the signs, what was it… ‘Godism is a good mood’ or something like that?

  6. jesus_minime

    ummm, come again? ‘Godism is a good mood’? i was right across from “krazy korner” and that jazz place, i was with the people who had the black t-shirts that said “RAVEN” on the back and/or front.

    don’t ask me what it stands for, i don’t remember. 😛
    and, although i was just as annoyed at the people that were going around screaming “YOU’RE ALL GOING TO HELL YOU SINNERS! SHAME ON YOU!!” as anyone else there. i guess some people just get a little too, “Over evangelistic” and it seems more like the’re trying to condemn people instead of save them. 🙁

  7. educkface

    Wow, you have some pretty great level design there. The last level was by far my favorite because I actually had to take a step back and look and the maze to figure it out. I would suggest adding more like that. I had a few glitches and the beginning of one of the levels I found to be too tough, but it’s a great game!

    I am just afraid that you will be compared too much with shift, so I would recommend changing the art style, or the spikes and gravity changing arrows at the very least.

  8. jesus_minime

    yeah, i noticed that the beginning was a bit tough for, well, being a “beginning” of a game. i’m still working on some more easier ones, but it seems like after i get into the “difficult level mood” i can seem to get out! 😛 i’ll keep working on it. and try to channge some of the artwork, maybe even give each couple of levels a new setting, like caves, jungles and forests! hmmm…

  9. DrNeroCF

    Oh yeah, and about the creating difficult levels thing, Nintendo makes all the later levels first (usually the weird ones), then eases up for the first levels much later in production. That’s actually sort of how World 2 was made too…

  10. jesus_minime

    yeah, i just started working on making some easier levels yesterday so we’ll see how that turns out… and wow.. just wow, when people do stuff like that, it makes me ashamed to be called a Christian. i hate it when people go around putting a bad face on Christianity like that! >:(

  11. educkface

    It’s all there, black and white, clear as crystal! You stole fizzy lifting drinks! You bumped into the ceiling which now has to be washed and sterilized, so you get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!

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