World 3 Report 5

teh fifen!

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  1. Pieman

    Seems Hugh and rehyzi joined the discussion. I was wondering what happened to everyone. No need to apologize, Brad, we all make our mistakes.

  2. Pieman

    I ment for the past hours, not the entire thing. Screw this, I’m just gonna go to sleep and watch Prog. report 6 in the morning. G’night peoples.

  3. Hugh-Studios

    Yeah… nice edit there, JM… you fail
    of course it wasnt you that said it, i did >…> but you dont understand the definition (ehem… ‘correct’ definition) and the way i used it. HS-1 JM-0 yeah? teh score counter, bub

  4. jesus_minime

    ok, so like.. within the next hour? half hour?

    P.s. wii should on mariokartz tomorrow.

    and p.s every body else.. get a wii, get mario kart, go post on the wii friend code topic on the forum… and championshipness tomorrow!

  5. Brad

    Ya, I’m way too tired to get this finished in one take, so I’ll have to throw it into Final Cut and VO it a bit at a time. heh. Shouldn’t be too much longer, though.

  6. Brad

    “now i wonder… in this world of FPM… are their national socialists?”

    The Emperor has been trying to take over the world’s supply of Band-Aids for awhile now, but I don’t think that will be in World 3…

  7. Hugh-Studios

    Chuck Norris is the only man to defeat a brick wall in a game of tennis…

    “The Emperor has been trying to take over the world’s supply of Band-Aids….”

    another question about the awesome world of FPM… were there ever any Nazis? well.. i guess those are the same as national socialists… Nazis man, Nazis..

    god im tired

  8. Nyubis

    I’m just posting this comment to check the relative time to see how long ago you guys posted those comments…

    EDIT: Okay, 7 h difference. Brad are you really up at nearly 4 AM?

  9. Hugh-Studios

    DUUUUDE!! IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!! all the FPM and pirate moves… absolutely EPIC WORK! now i gotta go to sleep…g’night everybody… ill freak out a little more about the video in the morning..

  10. Dodo

    oh… i see… well the videos are great.. i have watched all of them.. i have also spent last 14 hours animating… i am making a car crash… then they will fight.. and sooo onn….and when my animation finishes, i will again play the fpa 2 DEMO….can you give me the link of the DEMO? well, i play FPA 2 FULL at abcarcade becoz it has full screen…

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