World 3 Report 6

I’ll admit, the last 30 seconds are by far the best part of this report…

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  1. Hugh-Studios

    xD skip the bible

    @hamcheese – learn your insults from personal experience? PWNED!

    not to much a national socialist… dont get to much involved… but i do support very FEW of their ideas…

    xD everybody ready to start being nice? because i can hold out all day…

  2. Vick

    No, your not directly insulting Brad, however, when you abuse people who obviously like Brad, you indirectly insult the person who tries to keep the site, if not family friendly (c’mon, let’s be honest, Fancy does look like something I’d have clicked on when I was 5), at least PG. When you type like Ozzy Osborne speaks, it’s gotta hurt him somehow, duh.

    Edit- See, I just said something that could be takin as an insult, yet is appropriate for, say, my 6 year-old cusin to read. πŸ™‚

  3. Hugh-Studios

    I know I cant cuss… but thats a load of ponyfeet xD.

    Typing like Ozzy Osbourne speaks = obeh bahhahh ohhmmehh tehhhahh… yep, thats what drugs do.

    Read your comment back to yourself, please, and think how much sense it makes. thx. PWND

    • FairlyObvious

      @HS you do realize that simply adding “PWNED” after something does not make you any more clever or what you said any more insulting. I imagine that every time you post “PWNED” you give yourself a big ol’hug while you gaze at yourself in the mirror batting your eyelashes at how utterly “clever” you are.

      So, everyone on this blog any time HS posts “PWNED” imagine this pathetic scene and be happy that you aren’t that delusional.


  4. hamcheese362

    hugh, you just got pwned on all seven levels. PWNED… (cough) (pats self on back and looks in a mirror satisfied)

    @fairly… yes?

  5. Vick

    Well, I’m goin to watch Hard Head Fail by SMPFilms on YouTube for the 900th time, if H-S tries to come back out it’ll be interesting to say the least. Bunniegobsmacks πŸ™‚

  6. wallross

    Alright, You just took it way too far.
    Go, get out, you don’t even deserve to play World Three if you disrespect people like that.
    The comment was removed, but so should he.

  7. FairlyObvious

    awwww HS you’re making me blush, you are so swwwweeeeeeeeeettt!!

    @wallross Don’t be too hard on the poor dear. He’s just misunderstood. He’s all rainbows and sugar in reality.

  8. Hugh-Studios

    i enjoy skiing, hiking, and kissing the mirror.

    basically i just go in and start hugging people.

    all in all im the perfect neighbor if you dont mind my ballet moves and classical music.

  9. hamcheese362

    WHOA HS JUST DOUBLE POSTED!!!! thanks man, but don’t think because of all those compliments we’ll forget what you said… we (I) forgive you…and i apologize… but still… RACE TO FIRST COMMENT ON REPORT 7!

  10. Beeman98

    Did u delete edit button? it isn’t showing. I probably did something (AGAIN) P.S. please forgive me for randomly double posting. hmmmmmmm….. what can i do to prove worthiness?……..
    You’ll have to see……………………………………..


    i feel soooooo sad for myself ;( iv’e been at this fricken computer all night long! for progress report 7 duh! oh and brad good sailing on the game so far =)

  12. hamcheese362

    @minime: yeah but i wanted to add my own little pihzaz… brad seems to have a surprised cuz he said dis one was gonna be different…

  13. hamcheese362

    come on brad its getting late….. I’m a procrastinator too, it’s just that my mom could come in any sec. and tell me to go to bed and i wanner get first comment… so wats taking so long, is it the awsomeness… i think the awsomeness is too bright and your head will explode… see im alreadytalking krazy talk…

  14. hamcheese362

    …(teasingly)shut up… I’m sure you can but I could at least try… pewpewpew… this ones gonna be the best cuz 7 is the number of god… or sumtin like dat.

  15. Brad

    7’s also the number of Roger Ebert is an idiot and this is the best I can do to digitally punch him in the face over the interwebs.

    Okay that might sound a little violent and over the top, but I’m sure y’all can understand why video games as an artistic medium is a topic I’ve very passionate about? heh.

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