World 3 Report 13

A look at some concept art. Sorry for the light content on this one, if I had more to show off, I would have made sure the video was on time!


  1. Aubrey

    beautiful. yeah do concept art, if it makes FPA more exciting then go for it.
    huge fan by the way.
    i hope i can play at least the demo for my B-DAY. It’s august 5…

  2. electron

    Waaaaaait a second! FPM was holding a pirate sword when he was ranting!! Does that mean he’ll be able to pick them up after the pirates drop them? Like in Wind Waker? ‘Cause that would be awesome with a capital…itself.

  3. Pieman


    @ electron: That would rock my socks.

    @ Everyone else: Please, I bet you’ve never heard of the unicowllamadog!

  4. hamcheese362

    *BANANAS* yeah!!! of course unlockable concept art would be the chiz, any kind of viewable concept art for that matter!!! i agree, it loses some of that pizzaz it has when you first draw it…. where’d you learn to drae pants like that btw? and trees? well +1 vote for teh concept art.
    Happy drawing!

  5. Pieman

    Yeah, unlockable art would be awesome.
    This reminds me of a discussion with Hugh Studios about unlockable stuff in world 3 a while back.(wonder what happened to him.)

  6. jesus_minime

    i’m just happy to see you’re considering it at least!
    using the sword would be awesome. with the crab though,
    i think it might be cooler to make it so you have to slide into it to flip before you can jump on it. i really like the idea of having to defeat different baddies different ways. like in Mario galaxy.

    Btw, bought MG2, awesome game.

  7. nathaniel

    i think that there should be like a art hub with a bunch of doors that are locked then if you get the key unlock a door and then you can view the concept art. Brad, im a huge fan of fpa

  8. Nats M. Sky

    Concept art sounds awesome to me, but this game sounds like it might be getting too complicated! For God’s sake, it’s not a $50 Wii game like Super Mario Galaxy or anything! Maybe Brad is trying to do too much? (Not that I don’t think all the new features for World 3 are completley and totally awesome!)

  9. FancyFlo

    @ video:

    i think the idea of putting concept art to background is very awesome…
    but it should fit to foreground, you shouldn´t put a frog on the air platforms but in the near of water…

    • FairlyObvious

      JM – That’s a one time payment, not yearly. It’s not a salary, that makes a difference.

      And yes, there is a donate button for a reason.

  10. Frubban

    YAY i can comment again!! ^^ Wallpapers would be AWESOME!! Concept art would be EVEN MORE AWESOME!! For the picking up pirate swords: It should be, you drop it when geting hit, and you lose it when entering a door. Also, rolling should be disabled when you have it. At least that’s what i think^^

    Actually i made one of the Squiggleville pictures you posted a while ago my wallpaper. A bit blurry, but hey! It’s fancy!

    Andi still wonder… what’s with that “hidden” smiley…?

  11. BloodyJack

    ya I really think that unlockable concept art wallpaper would be great! I had a thought when you mentioned concept art in the game: you could have a level in a cave and have, like, cave drawing-style concept art! It’s probably a really lame idea, but whatever…I have those a lot…XD

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