World 3 Report 14

A short report just to get us back on schedule. A look at a very new / rough level, with some new effects I’m adding.


  1. wallross

    I didn’t even check for this one, as the regularity of the reports is getting a bit trashed.

    This is all you need for a report, just two minutes of good content.

    Also, your mic is getting trashy. I had my computer volume at 6 for report 1. Now I’m having it at 80…

  2. wallross

    I actually haven’t watched the last 30 seconds of the report yet, because my internet is having a bit of a screw up. Brad, don’t feel compelled to do a massive report every week. Short ones like this are actually better.

  3. jesus_minime

    you are wrong.
    consider yourself proved.

    anyway, i really like the idea of beach, but one comment i have about the backflip animation. is it… complete? right now, it’s really jerky. the shallow water looks great, although ( you may have done this already, just not obvious enough in the vid) FPM should slow down when running in the water. and still be able to skim across even the shallow water if he’s running really fast.
    love the crab design, please don’t change it too much. but (yes, i know i’m making a suggestion) could you make it so you can’t jump on them, but you have to slide into them, or hit them with the pencil to get them stunned? that would make more sense than just waiting for them not to have their claws on their heads anymore.

    oh, the sand looks awesome too, but the footprints aren’t obvious enough. i didn’t even know they were footprints until you said so. it might look better throwing a little shading on them to show that you foot actually implanted itself into the ground.

  4. hamcheese362

    brad when i saw him d o the last backflip it was a little… choppy? i don’t know it just didn’t look complete.

    oh and something that came to my mind completely out of topic, does FPM have any like… parent or backround or sumtin?

    @kazeaze: ninja’d

  5. kristoffernolgren

    This is really neat! What about having the water change the dynamics of the game a little bit? Slowing fancy pants down? Or maybe fin you have high speed you could just run on top of it, that would be very fancy in my opinion!

    Also, If you want some more time to work on fancypants, you ought to set up a Kickstart, at, I thingk you have enough fans out there to get the money you need!

  6. Aubrey

    you’ve got everything under control, brad. can’t wait for the demo (whenever it comes out)
    wasn’t it like 2 seconds the hair was bad? i don’t think you need to worry about his hair THAT much.
    it wouldn’t make sense to jump on a crab with the claws above it. either you haven’t done that yet, or you plan to change the crab for jumping on it.
    the footprints are really cool by the way.
    feel free to make the reports this length usually. whatever the time takes to get your message across. if they need to be longer then go for it.

  7. Kazeaze64

    @ Hamcheese- Oh no, you did not just @ Kazeaze64 ME! How dare you! Have you no decency??? For that I will… Thank you for noticing me. ^^

    P.S. I cant be ninja’d, im am an assassin y’know.
    ( Or at least I am in grand chase- the best online game EVER-)
    – Sincerly, Kaze

  8. jesus_minime

    the backflip hair look fine when he;s doing the backflip, but on the last frame of the animation where he’s just free falling, you need to change the head to its normal free fall animation. right now, it just look really unnatural. its a good animation for the backflip part, but when he’s just falling, his hair is waving all around after backflipping looks really strange.

  9. Brad

    Right, I’m definitely going to change that in the end.  I thought y’all were referring to the hair in the normal jump, it has a pretty bad transition that I still haven’t fixed. I thought my obsessiveness was rubbing off on you guys and you were just being as nitpicky as me, haha.

  10. wallross

    @Klimtkiller: About the only thing Brad is keeping under wraps is the plot, and considering that he’s starting to struggle to show off new stuff, I’d say a good chunk of stuff he has has been showed off to us at least once…
    But there probably is a lot of progress on that stuff, but he wants to show us new stuff, not revised versions of old stuff.

  11. jesus_minime

    personally, i think he should just show us updates on a bunch of the stuff he’s showed us so far. i don’t want to know the main concept of EVERY level before i even play the game! that takes all the osim surprise. i think you shouldn’t even show cutie pants off at all until the beta. we need surprise!

  12. Kazeaze64

    Brad, the crabs are amazing. I got bored of world 2 cuz of spiders, spiders, and more spiders. Please keep working on new baddies. Looking forward to FPA3!

    P.S. I hope you can pick up pirate swords when they are dropped.

    P.S.S What does P.S stand for???

  13. Brad

    I’m still not sure how the backflip could be considered ‘choppy’, though, unless you’re referring to the matrix backflip, which needs very badly to be inbetweened…

  14. Brad

    @Beeman98: Well he treads water when he’s not moving, if that counts…

    About the backflip yeah that’s still not finished 😛 Jerks, making me think there was something wrong with the backflip that I actually did finish…

  15. Frubban

    Actually its Post Scriptum, from latin. It’s just like RIP, it works in english too, but actually it’s from latin.

    And, yeah picking up pirate swords is a great idea!

    …world 2 screenshot + photoshop = fancy wallpaper!! 😀

  16. Beeman98

    Once again this is awesome. and once again love the crabs. and (@ brad) yes that counts..

    P.s> that lollipop tastes even better the 26th time….

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