World 3 Report 18

Sorry about the wait, but it was a double-y special weekend! So here’s a big ol’ two part report to make up for it!

A few sketches and discussion, and a look at how I set up levels in FPA for the curious out there.

Probably should wait and make sure you’re watching it in HD…


  1. fancy pants fiend

    cant wait till it comes out world one suked crap cause it had no story and ive played world 2 and beaten it like 78 times so world hopefully comes out soon even though u dont know when its coming out brad………figure out when its coming out.

  2. Aubrey

    beautiful. i love the frog and its cute sketches. just an idea but FPM could have like polka dotted pants or something, for the snail shell golf… that’d be cool. it’s just an idea; you’re probably sick of them….

  3. applewarrior

    awesome!! there hasn’t been a two-part report for like…two months.
    i expected the level-making to be a lot more complex
    now i think i’ll try it out…in a couple yrs

  4. FairlyObvious

    @FPF – I’m wondering if you are even capable of being nice and not bitter and angsty in posts . . .

    If you knew the whole story behind World 1 you wouldn’t be such a punk about it =P

  5. klimtkiller

    level editor for world 3 would be awesome. also i don’t like world one’s way of fancy pants man on the edge of a cliff. i think in world 3 there should be the world two’s way (hanging off the edge)

  6. Nats M. Sky

    I’ve never made a game before, and I don’t know anything about game programming (probably cause I’m only 13), but I’m fascinated by your very visual style of programming and making games, Brad! I thought using Flash was all about typing in lines of code or something, and inserting a few drawings! The behind the scenes part I liked the best was when you showed us how you program different kinds of platforms to do different things by visually color-coding them. That seems like it would be a great way for kids like me to learn how to make games in an intuitive way!

  7. VideoGuy

    As a developer, I really liked seeing this part. The way you have your code set up made me groan (as an AS3 guy), but the collision stuff was interesting. I’d like to see more “behind the scenes” stuff like this (and secrets about how you make the game work!). Too bad Inkman can’t be as simple as you have things.

    • FairlyObvious

      @Sedition- Yeah, we know, but the flatness would drive Brad crazy. It’s one of his biggest pet peeves with some of the animation today.

  8. Lazor

    Your flash workflow was cool, but in my opinion (as someone who uses flash already) the concept art is always the coolest part of your updates. I like seeing the thoughts that go behind all the sprites and characters of games like this.

  9. tehSemicolon

    I like the naming schemes you use for all your projects, heh. Speaking (sorta) of names, whats an .xfla?
    And as to feedback on this report – this ranks up there with my favorites. For a programmer, its cool to see the behind the scenes stuff, especially when the end product is something like FPA. More reports like this would be awesome!

  10. wallross

    @sedition: I don’t think Brad is complaining about file sixe, but more about the lag you get from large files in flash. Even if you do compact a sh*tload, the elements that cause the lag are still there.

    This report was probably one of my favourites, and it was good to see behind the scenes. It interested me especially becasue I too develop in flash!

  11. medfoe

    If you’re looking for my opinion, I would love to see more code-focused reports like this one. I also really like the ones that talk about gameplay mechanics.

  12. J4ke

    Oh, you tease. “omgomgomg weres ur report, etc.”

    Whatever it is, I’ll be looking forward to it. I still follow this site, even though some of the posters here are gigantic noobs and annoy me too much for me to check the comments as often, much less post.

  13. dana22cc

    Awesome! Really loved the video about setting up the levels. Always been curious about it. Thanks 🙂 Will love to see more if you post some tutorial.

    I really love the game…

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