World 3 Report 17

Busy busy busy, and I can’t show you guys any of it yet! Insanity! Oh well, enjoy some frog for now.

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  1. hamcheese362

    hm no where near a computer. Might you be posting this from a fone? Lawlz i was just wondering cuz if you’re not near a computer then… you know….

  2. Brad

    Well, and iPhones, though the reception around here is pretty terrible, too 🙁

    My birthday was the 9th, our anniversary is today, so yeah, report’s gonna have to wait, heh. Sorry guys!

  3. hamcheese362

    Sorry? Why? HAPPY BIRFDAY BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BRAD AND FAIRLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    question: I got a tablet!!! it’s the bamboo fun and was wondering if it is a good one. it feels like it. and also i was wondering if you had trouble or felt a bit uncomfterable the first time you used it cuz… it did to me but i’m starting to get the hang of it… so yeah thats my question…

    • FairlyObvious

      @applewarrior- I know you weren’t born in the 80s, that was kinda my point. Honestly on this site is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say the 2nd one was the best. Sooo idk, the plot in the 2nd one was lacking.

  4. VideoGuy

    Have to agree with FO on this one. Due to bad luck at Blockbuster rentals, I saw the first one, then third one, then second one. Which is like the most disappointing order to watch them in, since watching #3 was confusing and #2 was a huge letdown.

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