World 3 Report 20

Final (mostly) Ninjas and Frogs! Hope everyone’s enjoyed seeing the different stages in a baddie’s life.


  1. DaxterSpeed

    Nice video, as always. The only thing I dislike about the Ninja’s are that they seems to have no eyes.

    Yet again, I think it’s awesome that you can have that many ninja’s on screen, record the thing, and experience no lag at all.

  2. Brad

    Yeah I’m not really sure what to do about eyes, I had them as white in the concept, but the coloring turns anything that’s not black into a color (bandanas and frogs are actually greyish). Like always, though, I’ll play around with it.

  3. DaxterSpeed

    Heh. First time I’ve not noticed a rush in the comments after a video getting released.

    Anyways, it seems like you got a pretty simple yet effective coloring system there. The black part is clear, it’s black. Can’t get darker or more colorful.

    But would it be possible to code in avoids? And of course add in a few more colors for the enemies to use? Neither should extend the code to much. But I’m afraid the color part might.

  4. hamcheese362

    stage one: happy notorious life
    stage two: power stomp
    stage three: death animation.
    lol i know, not exactly. looking good! those were a lot of ninjas… hey is there a new death animation or am i just assuming stuff again? the frogs couldn’t have come out better. keep it up! that’s not a command or anything… it’s more of a compliment… er…

  5. DaxterSpeed

    Oh yeah, I had a simple Ninja idea.

    Covering their eyes with a simple bandana edit. Then make it so that they’re only really following you when you’re moving. Aka, sound based Ninja’s. I don’t know how that would be in-game though…

  6. medfoe

    Oh my gosh you are awesome. This is my most anticipated game of 2010, and I’m not even setting lower standards because it’s an internet game.

  7. PONTO

    I love how the animations turned out. Those seem like a couple of fun enemies to fight. I had an idea, though: Since ninjas seem to appear in packs, maybe it would be cool to have ninjas from the same pack have the same headband color, as if they belonged to the same clan…
    The frog turned out fantastic, I love how plastic they look.

  8. wingdemon

    saw this a few hours ago, didnt have time to leave a reply.

    -Ninjas need eyes

    -Frogs are cool

    -Ninjas should appear in a puff of smoke, or grappling down from above the visible part of the screen.

    -new combat system = incredible

    -love it

    -ninjas should still be able to give you damage wen in sword-spin mode so you cant keep bumping off of them and spinning for ever.

    -ninjas should coordinate in groups and have some sort of AI so they don’t cluster and become large targets.

    -there should be some kind of Ninja boss, like a fat ninja about the same size as FPM.

    -are we gonna have levels INSIDE the pirate ship, (since the ninjas are infesting it) and if so can we see some of your concept art for the pirate ship levels?

    -You should add idle animations in the background, so it dosnt seem to…still.

    -WHERE CUTIE PANTS???? have you dont much work on her, or Cat Kablooie (or whatever its name is) yet?

    -will cutie pants be a playable character?

    -fancy pants man needs a saturday morning theme. Jazza just made Larry one, but he’s a movie…but still. a saturday morning song would be AWESOME!

    -will there be a new fancy soundtrack? like new music in-game?

    -about how big are the levels in W3 if you had to guess?

    thats about it. good job brad! i started this list about an hour ago, and posted it, lets see if even half my questions get answers…

  9. applewarrior

    brad: i like wingdemons opinion on the pirate ship levels
    & the ninja boss

    the frog animation is too awesome πŸ˜€

    P.S. sorry to be so random but, how do you make the smiley face that sticks out its tongue??

  10. Merle

    I love the rubbery look of the frog, kind of makes me want to poke one myself. And I look forward to seeing them in water, that sounds like it would be pretty cool.

    Speaking of frogs in the water, and water in general, does that mean that there will be water battle? How would that work, would that be a pencil-sword only thing?

    And looking at a previous comment about Cutie Pants, it’d be really cool to play her as a character, but I feel like we should have to work to get her to make her seem all the more awesome and whatnot, so maybe she should be an unlockable character that you have to do something to get, like finish the game or get a certain number of squigglies or something?

  11. DaxterSpeed

    @winy (’bout cutie): Look at this sites header. Then back at what you wrote, then back to the header, then back to what you wrote, then look at me, back at you, back at me, back at you. Of course you can never be as handsome as I am, but you could at least small like me if you us Old Spice.

    I’m on a horse.

  12. Beeman98

    THIS IS AWESOME! p.s. where do you get the music for fpa? Do you make it? also, can you play new music in any progress reports. Sorry if i’m bothering anyone. just wonderin.

  13. wingdemon

    @beeman, he remixed the originals, but the original API’s were from…one sec…uhmm, i forgot. hey brad, can you enlighten us? (since i dont want to wait for W1/W2 to load to see the credits…)

  14. InvaderKAZ

    its kazeaze64 on my new account.
    DIDJA MISS ME? im logging on with my new dsi. but i cant see the video… anyone remember me?

  15. Nats M. Sky

    Pirates and ninjas and frogs, oh my!
    Pirates and ninjas and frogs, oh my!

    Plus ducks, parrots, crabs, mice with guns, snails, (bird-dog-dragons?) and SPIDERS!!!!


  16. Aubrey

    i like how the frogs tongue coordinates with the color of the frog itself. everything looks awesome! its nice that world 3 gets a bunch of new baddies. i think they will give the game more… pizazz?

  17. klimtkiller

    Forgot to mention: when you complete EVERYTHING there could be amazing at the end like a long, amazing cut scene or/and a new super cool character. There should be like… 20 super cool main levels or more all twice as big and adventurous ad level 5 in FPA world 2 for hours of fantastic gameplay and Will TOTALY DOMINATE the plays on armor games!

  18. electron

    o_o Whoah, slow down, ranger. Quadruple posting is a no-no. Try and see if there’s ANYTHING you could add before you post a comment. πŸ˜‰

  19. applewarrior

    thanks electron!!!!

    oops,(i am now whispering)i mean thank you very much

    now i can add it to my collection:
    πŸ™ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  20. Aubrey

    yeah, it’s that second light (in the front) shining down from the trees. is it a glitch or something? it also happens with the other 2 after it.

    cutie pants??????? now that everyone has seen ninjas we want CUTIE PANTS!!! and her cat

  21. jesus_minime

    Hey! Wow, you leave for a month and ninjas? I should go to summer camp more often! πŸ˜›

    Soryy to jump back on a previous report.
    But anyway, I love the ninjas, and the headbands look great. I’m not really too big on the multiple coloured frogs though, all the different colours really just make them look kind of strange. maybe different shades of green, but not outright different colours.
    The jumping on the trees looks a little sloppy at the moment, but with you being you, that will hopefully be polished up in a bit.

  22. BE FANCY

    I love the squshey, rubbery goofy look that the frogs have. Cant wait ot fight them – and the NINJAS, which btw are very unigue and look a lot of fun to fight also. Love all the colours going on! πŸ™‚

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