World 3 Report 21

Sweet Norris cameo, bro.


  1. wallross

    I actually don’t like this new animation too much. It seems just too slow. Maybe a bit of a faster action instead of fancy taking years to pull himself up into a positon in which he can pull himself up…

    If that makes sense…

    Comic Sans? Really?

  2. Brad

    wallross: Well, he’s getting his footing, I just wanted to go against the idea that characters have to click in and out of animations. He’s ready for action soon after, so it doesn’t feel unresponsive. And he did just slide over, grab the ledge, and flail around until hitting the wall, I think he’d take a moment to settle in.

    Haha, never could understand what people have against Comic Sans. Don’t worry, it’s temporary, just better than Times New Roman πŸ˜›

  3. DaxterSpeed

    Now you should create a gigantic amount of animation that the game chooses from based on the players style. FPA W:3 should also be able to make animations based on the players style, so all players have their own style by playing.

    Also, W:4 must be able to read minds.

  4. VideoGuy

    @Ponto: That’s wishful thinking.

    Comic Sans has its place. I think it works well enough next to Brad’s hand-drawn font, and it’s much better than Times New Roman. Although will your Bradfont eventually replace the Comic Sans?

    Also, it would be fun if you could click/press a button that takes you to a list of every move that you did to get your score. Cool but pointless, I know…

  5. Frubban

    Bradfont pwns Comic Sans!

    I don’t really like this new animation, for the same reason as Ponto…

    What’s that?
    Off, start, light, sandwich, stereo, Brad’sAwesomeOption(Well at lest i got the first letter right.)… Weird. O.o

    Also, i like the Fancy Meter.

    And that squiggle is glitched. >.>

  6. FairlyObvious

    I don’t think it’s the only animation that ever made FPM look like he’s “insecure”. There is the leaning over the edge position where he’s trying to not fall, and even where he let’s go with one hand and hangs on the ledge. I like the little things in games, it let’s me know that the designer put thought into the game and its character. They thought enough of their character to give it character, basically.
    It kind of introduces a whole new dimension to FPM.
    It’s nice . . .

    Sry, cheesetastic, I know. I’ll stop now.

  7. Snowman

    i was thinking, that on a free floating platform, you could have him swing his legs up against the bottom of the platform, and he could shimmy across the bottom or something, but then i realized that wold make it a bit too easy to escape enemies like the angry duck, and the parrot that drops spiders. you can just hide under a platform instead of fighting. oh well, ideas come and go…

  8. Brad

    I understand the insecure thing, and it was something that I was thinking about, but in game context, the only time FPM would go through the whole animation would be if the player leaves him hanging, so to speak. Then again, going off a cliff isn’t the most slick action out there.

    It’s nice to know that people care enough about Fancy Pants Man to have their own opinion about how he moves, though. But I’ve thought of him as either super smooth (usually the more repetitive moves, or with a ‘scurry,’ when pulling off more personal, usually more contextual moves.

  9. J4ke

    Fun stuff. I assume you know that the squiggle counter’s not counting, but yeah, just throwing that out there. New animations look sweet, great work on those.

  10. Ozmafire101

    Gotta say great idea. I was actually just watching my friend play Limbo the other day so I definitely see what you’re going for.

  11. electron

    Awesome sauce! I don’t know why everyone’s hatin’ on this. I think it’s great. It’s also kinda cool that the squiggles are blue for this level. Are you gonna do that for the other ones too?

    @Aubrey Ummm… yell at the lake.

  12. wingdemon

    @Aubrey, “Go Fish” (pun intended)

    oh, and yeah, i dont like the new animations for the same reason as Wallross. the slow thing, it seams a bit slow for me, FPA for me is something ive always thought of as a thrill ride, something my brain can melt into, and allow me to be one with FPM, and so, i want it to be smooth and fast, not slow and struggle-ish.

    (And no, i did not copyall of that from the ;QUotes” Section of RD.)

    (Hope me italization works….)

  13. Brad

    @wingdemon: Not much of a thrill ride if you’re just sitting there hanging from the ledge. It’s really all just one reaction to the flinging yourself haphazardly off a ledge. If you’re thrill riding it up, you shouldn’t see that entire animation. I was just being spastic and showing it off. Would be like if I was showing off a new hurt animation. Or like when FPM falls asleep. Not very smooth and fast there, eh?

    The game is supposed to be a reaction to the player. If you’re plowing through the level, you’re not going to see that animation. If you don’t stop moving, you won’t see the sleep, if you don’t hit a baddie or land on your face, you won’t spaz out in the air, if you don’t fall off of a cliff, you won’t look goofy.

    I do need to change the final state of that animation to be less awkward, though. Probably more like the old one armed hang. At that point, FPM will look more confident, he’s dealt with the player’s crazy actions, and he’s sturdy again.

    @klimtkiller: I’m pretty terrible at NSMB:Wii now, probably mostly because I try to play it like old Mario Bros, when Mario was super fast and had great air control. I like the levels and co-op in NSMB, but Mario’s so sluggish…

  14. Minifig3D

    I do miss the one-armed hang, so will be glad to see that come back.
    I partially agree on Mario feeling sluggish in nsmbwii, but if he moved faster, the co-op would be INSANE! It is already fairly difficult to keep from bumping each other off the edge when playing with 4 players. πŸ™‚

  15. applewarrior

    hey, guys

    i think we are ignoring one of the best parts of this report:

    the level design is awesome!!!!!
    brad: please keep it this way πŸ˜€

  16. applewarrior

    oh and I think the ledge grab animations are a great upgrade

    but i STILL think the level background is the coolest part of this report

    great work brad πŸ˜‰

    P.S. i used caps’ because i don’t know how to use italics on this site
    please help πŸ™

  17. mfranzs

    @Brad Seeing this made me wonder….. how long did it take you to animate Fancy Pant’s Man’s “basic” actions such as running, jumping, and standing still?

    Great job on the new wall hang!

  18. Leofish

    When Fancy Pants Man slides of the left side of a ledge and does the one hand grab motion, there’s a little gap between his hand and the platform, so it looks like he’s not really hanging on to anything.. Just saying, it’s not all that noticeable though.

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