We’re on Facebook!

I’ve finally gotten around to updating our facebook fan page (I forgot I’d made one, oops) so . . . Like! Please!

Who knows I might be able to convince Brad to use it as a mini twitter (shhh)



Edit: And I allowed for users to upload pictures so if you want to upload fan art onto there, you should be able to do it!


  1. DaxterSpeed

    So, the Sidebar posts are pretty much unused nowadays?

    Anyways, I’ve Like’d that page ages ago. I’m awesome like that.

  2. VideoGuy

    Wait, you guys were the ones who run that? I thought it was just a fan page.

    Either way, I liked it quite a while back and was wondering why there were a ton of videos/pictures listed under it today.

  3. jesus_minime

    ..Fridays are like a drum roll, waiting all day hoping there will be a video before 3 in the morning! 😛

    P.s. Fairly, a while back you said you might want some ideas for stuff to review, and said you might review some flash games. I have a suggestion if you wouldn’t mind taking the time out of your day to beat it.

  4. applewarrior

    Aubrey: inferior!? you want inferior!?
    well then, you asked for it : 🙁 BAM!!! ($18)


    anyhoo, happy B-Day aubrey

  5. FreedomForAll

    Me being a big anime fan whenever I see all the little ninjas, I keep thinking kage bushin no jutsu, lawl.

    Anyways today (besides no one coming for tours :D) i’ve been looking forward to prog report 22.

  6. Brad

    @DaxterSpeed: Been crazy busy lately, have a few topics I want to discuss eventually, but I’m not sure if I want to save them for the forum, try to post a bit more in there.

    @AJ32: True… the YouTube playlist pretty much took over that.

    @FreedomForAll: I’ll have to check it out.

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