World 3 Report 23

Recorded pretty late, so it’s a bit… ramble-ly. Not much to show this week, however. But, I do like the springy ropes! And the angry duck, what an angry little fella!

(if the embed quality is terrible, you should already be able to watch it in HD on YouTube)


  1. FancyFlo

    yeah, i realy like it!
    the ropes are really much better than (<- ?)* the old ones
    but how about some of them tilted in different directions?
    i think it would be just a bit more difficult, but also great fun…

    FancyFlo 😉

    *: then? than? my english´s pretty bad! please leave a reply if i´ve done it right :}

  2. TheKomputerGeek

    Nice report! And you should put oil on the wall for people to get up in case they forget about the pencil or don’t want to use it.

  3. Nyubis

    Sweet stuff there, the coded springs look awesome and the duck is great as well.

    Also, don’t put a ledge there. Then people will have to figure out that they have to use the pencil-double jump (even if you decrease its power, it should still be enough).

  4. Brad

    Yeah that’s pretty much exactly what happens in Braid (great game, btw).

    Not sure how you’d make a game out of a 3d program that has no coding… If I’d have to pick between a good 2d game and an okay 3d game, I’m definitely going to make / play the 2d game, heh.

  5. hamcheese362

    er….a 3D stick figure. OMGZ I DREW A WERE WOLF THAT I’m PROUD OF!
    great report brad, funny duck lawlz. IT’d be cool to have one of those actions like those in sonic where he hits a spring and then bounces off a whole bunch of other springs, without the layer pressing a button, feel me? speaking oof sonic, what did you think about sonic unleashed? dunno y nobody likes it, i thought it was great (most of it) the gameplay, graphics, story, and obiously, the music

  6. klimtkiller

    great report!

    the duck and springs looks pretty good. @brad: i think the pencil should be an unlockable, And i really, REALLY think that there should be many achievements, many unlockables, multiplayer and around 5 mini-games. the mini-games can just be a little mouse avoider game or an unlockable game where you get to play against all the bad guys in the game (including bosses) one after another(or a group of the same bad guy after another group of a different bad guy). PS: are there going to be more than one boss?

  7. Frubban

    I don’t really like the new springs…
    Thye feel…stiff. Somehow.

    I’d say you have both. Those things in the science-lab-gey-ish(like that one in FPM2) level(s), and the other one on other places.

    Also, i LOVE the duck!


    I think the duck is cool, and I love the springs and I also think it would be awesome if they were tilted in different directions. I think you should definitely make sure the pencil’s power is lowered sometimes so that fancypants can’t get over any wall or obstacle just like that. I love each fpa3 update! Keep ’em coming! 😀

  9. Jaffleman52

    With the ducks in the water I think if your not doing this already make it so the duck swims the end of the water and runs out with water on its self =)

  10. tornadoe

    brad when i said blender can make okay games using visual programing i didnt mean it could only make ok games I mean thats most of what ive seen (ive only seen like 2 games and only ones finished) and the new 2.5 beta version has coding so you could make a real game and great game @ videoguy i said blender for 3d game not flash

  11. Frubban


    Blender sucks for making games. And if you want to make anything good in 3D, Maya is way better. Exept that it costs a lot of money…
    But my point is, blender sucks for making games.
    And a stickman in 3D… That’s not really gonna work…


    Yes. And do magic.


  12. tornado

    @ fruben and other non beleivers: you will see a 3d stick game on blender sometime eventualy (its in the works and no release date yet) and it will be awesome! anyway how is a stick game in 3d so hard you give him a sphere for a head and tubes fore a body legs and arms. of course just like you can do in drawings you you can give him clothes hair hands fingers feet etc. as long as you can easily tell just by looking at it its a stick figure @ videoguy thats what sticks look like in 3d

  13. Julius

    The concept of a 3-D fancy pants… I can’t even imagine it. Fancy pants has a certain feel to it because of the mechanics of how he moves in his two-dimensional world. If you were to throw him into three-dimensional space, he would not fit in. Not to mention being impossible to control. His “fanciness” wouldn’t exist, and you would have, as Brad said, only an ok game. The way Brad makes the game makes it one of (if not the) best game in it’s genre. To change the game mechanics in such a drastic way would completely ruin the Fancy Pants experience. One other thing, I understand we are all really anxious to play World 3, but the thing is that I am sure that Brad would much rather release an EPIC world 3 demo that he is proud of that took longer than an only ok demo that he releases quickly.

  14. fancy pants fiend

    i have no idea how to do flash i wish i knew how cause if i did id probably make a game about fancy pants man in a whole new way fighting lots of toothpick ninjas i luv those guys

  15. klimtkiller

    god… just beat i wanna be the flash game. it took me 3 and a half hours, and there are not that many levels. you can type it in and play it online without having to download it.i wanna hear what u guyz think.

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