World 3 Report 24

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A quick look at some early code that gets the baddies reacting to water, and a slightly more interesting look a the Angry Duck’s unique in water behavior. That little guy just never runs out of excuses to be angry.


  1. Julius

    First Comment!! Nice video, and yes swimming together… heh. I really like the rough sketches, they look like they are going to end up really nice in the end. The coolest part about FPA I would have to say is that all the baddies and FPM himself all have their own personalities, as you said. It really makes the game interesting, and in my opinion, is what makes this game art. I would agree that very few games these days have this kind of complexity and personality, and that is what makes this game series stand out. Great job as always, Brad!!

  2. wallross

    Copied form my comment on the previous report:
    I know you said not to suggest water baddies, but what if the Ninjas could pull out a reed, stick it in their mouth and swim with it?

  3. wingdemon

    uhmm, great report, just wanted to ask, if the duck/frog/(if you decide to do what WR suggested)Ninja is chasing you on land, and you jump into the water, will the baddie be able to follow you in?

  4. WJUK

    Everytime I see a level that contains water, I keep thinking you’ll add actual fluid water dynamics. XD

    Oh and +1 for underwater Ninjas!

    You should have pirates in small boats with cannons too, or something.

  5. Minifig3D

    I like how many ways Fancy can enter the water. Running on top, diving in, back-flipping in, ect. What happens when he rolls in? Does he continue to stay rolled-up like he’s doing a cannonball? Just wondering…

  6. Sebby19

    Since spiders are the most common and weakest enemy, the ‘goomba’ of the series, I don’t think the should be able to walk on water. I know there are some species and can do that in real life, but I think they should die and float downwards belly up when they come in contact with the water.

    Right now they just seem too powerful walking on the water.

  7. Aubrey

    i love how invincible FPM is. and i love the angry ducks, the water, the levels, the world 3 reports, the worlds 1 and 2, and the baddies and cutie pants and Kabootle and everything. so yeah, things are looking pretty great!

  8. FancyFlo

    @ julius:

    oh, i dont think so…
    but it would have to be big, so he can do
    some several tricks, maybe half a minuite under water and then
    about 5 to 10 seconds at the surface;
    or a bit more under water, i think…
    anyway, i think that wouldnt be bad for his image…
    also the spiders should swimm on the water till they reach land again by the current, but not walk on the surface…
    fp could use em as a water ball; this´ll be great fun! 😛

  9. VesicalThanatos

    Hey, Brad. I know you get this obscenely often, but I love your work. The Fancy Pants Adventures is my favorite series of Flash games, and one of my favorite series of games at all.

    Love this report. Yeah, some kind of comical bonking animation when the Cave Duck comes in contact with the bottom of the lake would be good. Also, spiders swim with their legs sort of straight out to the sides, like a breaststroke, if that helps you any. And question, can the pencil be used underwater?

    PS: The duck seems almost too easy, like it seems you can avoid making him mad fairly easily. Might just be an outsiders view, but maybe his line of sight could be more sensitive?

  10. jude52

    hey brad i finally got this username stuff set up im a twelve year old canadian and ive been following fancy pants from world one! i have drawn 2o page comic books about fancy pants along with other stick men me and my friends invented i only had a ps1 for so long so fancypants WAS my game of choice ive drawn millions of fancy pants men and just want to say i will do anything to be a world 3 beta tester. I know you have alot of people asking but i want to go on the list plaese stay in contact 🙂

  11. TheKomputerGeek

    Epic report! And the duck animation is great.

    Also, I agree with Sebby19, the spiders shouldn’t be able to swim, they should turn around when they get to the water’s edge, and if they are kicked into the water, sink down and just stay stunned.

  12. BE FANCY

    I love all your reports.. they are epic and i love seeing w3 progressing as i am a big fan and love w1 and 2 although world 2 is the best SO FAR. World 3 looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im from Belfast Northern Ireland, although i am half american and have been , to the U.S many a time 🙂
    My friends like FANCYPANTS TOO!!! Keep dooing what you do best!! I love the badies and how FPM interacts with the water. Me and my best buddie can’t poosibly conatin the excitment for world 3!!!!!!! All of these ideas are very good. 🙂 Oh, and will the fancy pants adventure games ever come out on nintendo ds – cuz that would be cool!
    ps. LOVE THE FROG!

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