World 3 Report 26

Man, I sound so out of it in this video. Crazy week, very very tired. Anyways, a look at the inbetweened mouse who can now look down, and some sketched concepts for some sea creatures. Which do you guys like best?

Sleep time! Catch you guys around.


  1. J4ke

    Very cool stuff, those mice look pretty hardcore firing in tandem, but I for one would love to try to beat a whole room of them.

    Regarding the water baddies, I think the eel could be interesting. It could have some nice slinky movement, and if FPM gets too close, it gives him a jolt of electricity, maybe?

    The jellyfish is also cool, but I dunno… another angry creature charging madly… you’re already doing that with the duck, and there’s no need to make the baddies too same-y. That’s just my opinion, of course.

    And by the way, I noticed the star thingies in the vid before you mentioned it, but I’ve no idea what they’re for. 😛

  2. WJUK

    What are the stars for? (Top-right)

    I quite like the idea of a jellyfish too. And maybe an octopus!

    [EDIT] You should have an angler fish (or whatever they’re called) but instead of the light it has a squiggle at the end to draw FPM in. XD

  3. Julius

    Yo! Can I vote for more than one? Blowfish: Blows up if you get to close, and the spines hurt you. while it is deflating is when it is vulnerable. Eel: like an electric eel, it crackles with electricity at constant intervals, and is vulnerable anytime else. Catfish: this thing would work almost the same as the angry duck above water. It charges at you, and you have to make sure not to get hit when it is doing so. Those are my votes. I understand coding time is lengthy, but I would much rather have a really awesome game that takes longer to make, so I vote for those three.

    Awesome mice!!

  4. bellator

    I agree with j4ke that the jelly fish seem a bit redundant. i also think that the mice should be able to shoot one another. i vote for the puffer in tight places, and the cat fish with a meow sound


    another great report!:) I love the look of the Jelly fish and puffer fish. I Love the fancy pants game and i totally think it should be made in a collectable card game and board game and stuff. The more Fancy Pants stuff the better. It would be a great thing to add to my club as I have a Fancy pants club, where my friends (who like playing fancy pants) complete fancy pants – and earn different ranks. It would be great if you could somehow produce a Fancypants card game or board game.

    I wanted to make one myself – but i dont understand the rules of trading card games very much. Just a thought, if u were interested, but i know your working very hard at the moment and i cant wait for world 3! 🙂

  6. Lazor

    Mouse is lookin good 😛
    I think the jellyfish would be the greatest enemy, in my opinion it seems to have the most “cartoon potential.” I can also see a lot of different moves with the jellyfish (maybe he could sting you if you go under him?) and maybe a massive jelly just for fun.

  7. lostgirlstorm

    my idea 4 a jellyfish is if you can see any part of him, he starts making his things go after you, with you being able to brek the of with the pencil.oh, and, it isn’t a bad thing, but,both the mice look like the stole your hair dryer and your cat’s hair balls and is shooting them at you. lolz!

  8. Aubrey

    Happy late Labor Day!
    i know that everyone seems to want something other than the blowfish but that is exactly why you should pick it. I’m guessing it’s an easy animation and it won’t have to do much. You swim near it and it inflates and then you get hurt by touching its spikes. It’ll deflate after like 5 seconds or so and you can only swim past while it’s deflating. Simple and cool.

  9. klimtkiller

    brad, there should be two types of multiplayer in FPA world 3. one like in “exit path” and one like in “bullet head.” with the one like “bullet head” there should be two screens twice as small as the normal screen for each player. both players should have unlimited lives. there should also be a bar with 2 different coloured dots to show how far each player has progressed with the game. if you don’t know these games, they are on armorgames and nitrome.

  10. sabretooth

    oh and, yes the vote: i say eels, maybe could animate a swim n’ bite attack if gets into game… along with that catfish, make a diffferent appearance!

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