World 3 Report 25

A look at newer crabs, with a purpose! And the start of the new mouse.


  1. DaxterSpeed

    I got this post in my RSS reader before you even set the title. I was lol’ing when I clicked the link in my RSS reader, and it lead nowhere.

    I believe that you should actually try having a little lag with the mouse. So he’s not super tracking you. You should also try a completely new pose for the idle. And generally improve the way he’s holding his weapon, as it kinda looks a little awkward right now.

  2. kristoffernolgren

    I’m a HUGE fan of your game, and I really appriciate your work, but I gotta say, I really don’t like the the crab-claw movemnts, they are way to springy, specially torwards the sides, crabs have shells, they don’t move like that at all!

  3. TheKomputerGeek

    Nice video! I really liked how the crab looks right now, and don’t think you should change it at all. And the mouse looks good, as well.

    One more thing……

    Could you possibly give an estimate on when the beta for world 3 will be released?


  4. VideoGuy

    You read every single comment? How have you not lost your mind yet?

    The rat looks really good, but will his gun angle-changing be any smoother in the final version? It seemed a bit choppy in this video.

    Also you can totally jump on a crab in real life. If you’re wearing shoes.

  5. PONTO

    I like what you did with the crab, but there is something about its design that I dislike, which is the symmetry between his upper and lower “shells”. I think it would look much better of the upper shell was wider and thicker than the bottom one, as to make it look like a tough shield. It would even make it look more sneaky, in my opinion. I made a rough sketch to illustrate my point:

    Other than that, great work, particularly on the mouse. You should definitely make a transition animation for the gun, though.

  6. jude52

    i LOVE the crab animation. I know its alot of work but having the same animation of the rat but with a pair of shades and a larger gun would be da bomb! or in a cannon that the rat sits on, a canon turret or something bigger than little squiggle bullets is what im getting at πŸ™‚

  7. jesus_minime


    First off, love the new crab, it’s amazing.
    I noticed that when you re-loaded the level, the footprints that you put on the sand previously were still there. Does that mean when ever you play any sand level, all of the footprints you’ve ever put on the level will still be there from previous times playing those levels?
    I really like the mouse, and I agree that you should finish the gun animation, I always hate seeing things that just flip around in one frame. Also, I noticed you threw in some sound effects for the sword, nice touch!

  8. Marco polo

    Firstly, I know what you’re aiming for but make sure that the baddies arent to hard to beat particularly those ninjas!

    Also, can you please, please, please, tell me the controls for all the new jumps, actions, and how to use the pencil.


  9. Minifig3D

    Very nice. I love the sand effects and the mouse is coming along nicely!
    I was wondering, eventually could the footprints in the sand cause lag issues on older computers? If so, you could have a gust of wind blow away the footprints from time to time or something.

  10. TriangleMan

    Wow Brad, you read each comment. It must be frustrating to see nearly every second comment is a suggestion which you have stated before you don’t need any because you already have a clear image of World 3. I think that the Crab is perfect, when it snaps it’s claws i nearly hear the snap sound it would make. Having a Mouse that follows you with his gun is a brillant improvement (i found he was to easy to beat in World 2). Will there be more than one Boss in world 3? If it is too much information to give away then don’t. I prefer not to know too much about a game or a movie so i don’t have any expectations when i play or watch it. πŸ˜€

  11. Aubrey

    I know that the crab is supposed to be sneaky and baddie-y but i think it’s really cute. I definitely liked the animation and the jump/slide claw-thing is really clever. plus the sound for the sword is awesome. A perfect report except for that floating sand….. πŸ˜€
    And the report was on Saturday, so an ALMOST perfect report.

  12. hamcheese362

    @brad: pull something out of the HA– *cough* HAT.
    Rly awesome this game is beautiful. 1 question. Does it matter what kind of tablet you use?
    Mouse: YO! I GOT GUN!
    Mouse: πŸ™

  13. VesicalThanatos

    @Marco Polo: I think its intended to be there, as to give the sand more of a three dimensional midground/background look.

    Lovely report, Brad. The crab is looking excellent, I feel no need to change him, and the new mouse is a killer idea. I found the mice to be somewhat pathetic in the previous installments, not even a minor nusance. And I dont think that hed be too difficult or omnipotent, as FPM now has a wicked pencil of death.

    Did you intentionally make the mice look like fat, evil Mickeys?


  14. tcfunnyguy

    Ok, this is my first comment on the FPA reports cause i finally decided to get an account. Brad, the animations are great but they do look a little bit choppy (mouse, not crab). And if there are more bosses instead of one i feel there should be something like a ninja sensai. That would AWESOME! πŸ™‚

  15. wingdemon

    so mouse looks sweet, crab is awesome, what more can i say? awesome report brad. wanted to know though, hows the parrot progressing? i liked that little birdie, anyway, the frog is still my favorite baddie. maybe ninjas second, the new mouse might beat them though, if the final version looks cool.

  16. klimtkiller

    i went hunting for mushrooms in the woods today and found a death cap – the most poisonous mushroom in the world; also found the third most poisonous mushroom… I’m happy i didn’t bite my nails after that! (i bite them allot) i found out that they were poisonous when i showed someone who knew about this stuff. that is the story of how i nearly died. ^.^

  17. Viking

    Have you ever thought of making the different baddies affect FP differently. Like the crabs latching on to you or something? Or are you going to stick with all of them making him fly backwards.

  18. VesicalThanatos

    Wooow qkilsdonk, you just went there. Yknow most of these kids commenting arent even in highschool, lol?

    @tcfunnyguy: the mouse animation looks choppy because its till in its rough phase. Yknow, the same reason its black and white. Its experimental, just a placeholder until Brad can completely tighten the animation.

  19. Aubrey

    Are there really people not in high school yet? I mean I’m a freshmen but still…

    I think I might miss the old mouse. It just speaks World 1, and it’s the only baddie with a modern weapon. The pirates have swords and ninjas have… toothpicks. But I’m sure the new mouse will be as fancy as the game itself.

  20. klimtkiller

    i have a week left before school. I HATE THOSE STUPID EXCUSES FOR TEACHERS!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like telling those idiots that children have feelings too. i live in london so i guess that the teachers in london are that way – selfish and annoying. i go back to school at a normal time in london. i guess the holiday period is between different months in America than it is in london. P.S: i love hearing of peoples comments on how much they hate teachers πŸ˜€ I’m not saying all teachers are bad. some are good (so i don’t offend you if you happen to be over 25 on this site and happen to be a teacher. primary school teachers are good)

  21. davismouse

    To Aubrey: Well DUH!!!!!! I’M IN 5TH GRADE YOU MORON!!!!!!!
    P.S. klimtkiller a few days ago I was playing world 2 and I ran in to a spider AND I killed the bunny at the same time. So I beat the game at the same time as I died (my health was low)! HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN!?!?!?!?!?!? (these games are awesome.)

  22. davismouse

    To mano zack: Awesome! Today I played world 2 and I slid into a spider. It landed on the edge of the platform like this: —β€’ When it woke up it was stuck there lolz. P.S. Klimntkiller I hate teachers too! Teachers in America are dumb too! U R so COOL <3

  23. klimtkiller

    london is very child un-friendly; the teachers are the worst! they worry about bullies allot, but they don’t know who are the biggest bullies of them all – themselves. they count down from 5-0 to get all your stuff out which is impossible to do and you’ll get a detention if your not fast enough. what I’m thinking while this is happening (sarcastically): OMG!! you can count from 5 all the way down to 0! I am sooooooooooooooooooo amazed!

  24. TriangleMan

    @ klimtkiller. Okay we get it you don’t like your teachers, but this comment section is for comments on Brads world 3 reports, which by the way are excellent.

    Brad I have watched progress on FPA World 3 from the beginning and I have to say that no other game developer or animator has been so informant of their progress. I think your reports are sometimes taken for granted are definitely worth a weeks wait (if not more). Thank you for making such amazing games and being loyal to your fans. FPA World 3 is eagerly anticipated no matter when it comes out. πŸ˜€

  25. davismouse

    Hey TriangleMan don’t be mean to Klimtkiller! >:(
    p.s. Brad I have a great idea! You should make it so when you’re fighting a pirate if the pirate backs of a ledge it will grab onto the ledge. Then you jump on the pirate’s head it will fall in the water and drown! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! XD

  26. Cacyboy

    this is my fisrt time commenting and i just have to say OMG fpm is so awesome i have been following your for like a year (ok maybe not quite a year) and it is the best flash game ever.

  27. BE FANCY

    NO REPORT TODAY OR YESTERDAY!! ARGH! come on report 26…. Im waiting! and im sure a lot of others are aswell.. LOVE FANCYPANTS πŸ™‚

  28. Brad

    @TriangleMan: Thanks for the kind words! I love watching how things get made, definitely nice to know how many people are the same way, and actually care about FPA that much! Oh, and go easy on Particle Man for me, will ya?

    @Marco polo: Yep, tons more animation this time around. Thank goodness for this Cintiq!

    Everyone else, it’s coming, about to record, been a crazy week πŸ˜›

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