World 3 Report 28

A new report finally! :O

:O, gotta love that emoticon…

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  1. Adomenatoon

    Oh okay then im 11 anyways and thanks for the emoticons. Btw if you can please stop you know talking …. to me………. becuz i got school and not alowed on at weekdays okay Bye.

  2. peterw

    @ miss little girl: I don’t think anyone on the internet wants to hear about your lousy life problems.
    brad are you planning on recording something?
    RIDDLE: A night guard of the president’s private airport had a dream at work of the president fling to his next day buisness meeting and then crashing in the midlle of the flight. The president heard him out and went on the buisness flight once he returned back safely he fired the night guard, why?

  3. Aubrey

    Who DOESN’T like chocolate! Interesting fact: If you look at candy wrappers you’ll find that nearly every popular candy is a division of the Hershey Company (Twizzler’s, Reese’s, York).

  4. davismouse

    @Aubrey: my friends friend doesn’t like chocolate I know she’s insane for not liking chocolate also she’s a jerk I hate her.
    @mlg: what the hell is rock band 2?
    POLL: what’s ur favorite flavor of icecream?


    @ Marco polo Yes indeed, Lindt is delicious! mmm 😛 What you must do is go to tools, clear recent history, then check the box that says chache, and uncheck the others. then just click clear now. Go back onto bornegames (reload the page) then you will see fap!! SIMPLE – it really actually is – give it ago


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