World 3 Report 30

Up to 30, man that’s a lot of reports! The video processed on YouTube much quicker than it usually does, so here it is!

Just a bit more animation for you guys, and an early look at some more of Captain Rainbowbeard’s animation.


  1. DaxterSpeed

    @jack: First, don’t give out your email to the public. The spam bots will get you. Second, World 3 isn’t released and won’t be for some time. Just wait around here and you’ll see when Brad releases the game / a demo.

  2. Shadow Gamer1

    nice animations! πŸ™‚ i’ve always thought you were a pretty good animater, but i have a question. for your animations (for like fancy pants and baddies) how much layer organization do you use? like, do you use one layer or do you seperate everything into its own layer? just curious.


    I’m in Ireland and it’s Saturday morning! Hey, I like the springy bed and I love the facial expressions that the pirate has (they’re actually really good!) I’m forwad looking to the next report. πŸ˜€ I do have a question about the game though…
    @Brad Do you know all the levels you’ve shown us that are really grey and plain with just the basic platforms? Well, I was wondering if you were going to change them much before you release world 3. It’s just I remember world 1 being kind of grey and boring compared to world 2. I was hoping that world 3 is going to be just as colourful. So, are you thinking of putting lots of good colorful artwork into world 3? I hope you are because I think world 2 has a very attractive look to it and I love seeing the artwork gone into each of the levels. I hope you do the same with world 3… πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the report, and it was on time πŸ™‚ yay! :mrgreen:

  4. peterw

    @ BE FANCY: brad just does the animatons and codes first, he puts decoratons at the end, haven’t you noticed how the science bonus room changed throught the reports, and what about the forest and squiggville levels they are pretty colorful
    @ davismouse: it’s an English book some words are spelled difrently.

  5. Aubrey

    Great animations, I love how the pillow flies off the bed. The beginning scene catches the player’s interest.
    World 3 reports are like a tiny Christmas but 5they happen (usually) every week! :mrgreen:

  6. WJUK

    @klimtkiller: In England we use ‘spelt’ instead of ‘spelled’ too.

    Anyway, the opening cinematic is starting to come together. And I do think it’s weird he doesn’t have a blanket or something to cover him. Although everytime I see the mayor slowly rise up from the window, I think of creeper from Minecraft… Cannot unsee…

    Looking forward to the finished product, I actually really enjoyed the one cinematic I saw in Frasers Ride.

  7. Marco polo

    @brad Just wondering, but will fpm have anything in his room in the finished game? A shelf holding a selection of trophys from world 1 and 2 maybe? Or will you just have a bed and a window? hmm :/

    @davismouse&klimtkiller bravo! perfect spellings. :mrgreen:

  8. davismouse

    @befancy, : mrgreen : = :mrgreen:, : evil : = :evil:, : twisted : = :twisted:, : lol : = :lol:, : cry : = :cry:, : ? : = ❓
    then theres the basics like…
    : ) = :), : D = :D, : – ? = :-?, : ( = :(, 8 ) = 8)
    thats all i can remember. hope this halped!

  9. Miss Little Girl

    @davismouse :/ nice?
    @brad anyway pirate looks great thanks for making people stop freeking out about the cutie fancy glitch, love the flying pillow and i never DID mind the backwards .Z. glitch, and the pillow looks cool but when it lands it looks more like a rock lol πŸ˜‰

  10. Nats M. Sky


    Anyways, I really like the opening cinematic because of all the exaggerated movement of fancy pants man. I totally agree with you, Brad, that video game characters aren’t cartoony enough any more (except maybe for Mario?), and you’ve done an excellent job of fixing that with your animation. I applaud you for not being afraid to BE FANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  11. Waffe

    Can you please stop spamming with emoticons and saying really random things like “who likes cookies?” or “I want a nintendo ds for Christmas” I’m sorry it’s just getting annoying.

  12. Red Courage

    I was wondering if the game was going to be Flash, Adobe, Shockwave, Java, etc. I tried playing world one recently and I was lagging like crazy, but World 2 works fine.

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