Halo Reach – Review by FairlyObvious

I was waiting forever for this game, FOREVER! After the beta I was nearly frothing at the mouth to get the game. I loved the new voting system online and I was very happy with the new weapons. It felt in general like I had more control over what I was playing and the game in general. The beta definitely helped my shooting skills too.

So, off the beta, to the game.

Campaign mode, Brad and I played this together, of course . . . on Easy mode . . . kidding. If you fell for that then shame on you!

I will say this for the makers of the Halo franchise, whatever they are doing they are doing it right. I’ve never been a massive fan of first person shooters but they’ve managed to pull me into this world they’ve created. Not only that, but they’ve done the world right. I find that I have no issue with the way they’ve released the games and it seems they’ve even managed to avoid the whole “saturating the market” trend that’s been happening a lot lately. They’ve managed to release a good number of games while also putting together a quality storyline.

I have to admit though, I didn’t like the female character they threw in there. Her voice acting was a bit off for me. I love the whole idea of female spartans, although I kind of laughed at the way they make them walk. No woman in armor could walk like that, just to let you guys know.

I did like all the other characters, outside of the female character I did feel like they did a good job of helping you connect with your team.

The story . . . awesome. The gameplay . . . magnificent. I loved every part of it.

The new weapons are great. I like the new Elite weapons they’ve thrown in there. I approve.

Now, for the online gameplay. I have only one question . . .

What the HECK were they thinking with these STUPID MAPS?!?!

Seriously! I was all excited because the beta had the cool maps like Powerhouse and Swordbase, what the freak is this “atom” and “cage” bull?? And REFLECTION?! I feel like I’m reading names off a horrible children’s book! The maps are a nightmare, you’re basically wandering around in circles all the time. You see a person obviously in trouble, head towards their Tag and BAM a wall! Okay ummm take a right, a dead end? Wait there are some stairs . . . wait hold on no they don’t go anywhere . . . oh an elevator! *sword to face* THANK YOU!

And the good maps? I’m sure I’ll have to purchase those!



So, I will not say that we wasted money on Halo Reach. I will suggest you got out and buy it because despite the whole tragic map thing it is a GOOD game. I don’t feel like they went halfway on this, but I do feel that the $$ in their eyes made them stupid when it came to the maps.


  1. Frubban

    I agree on the map thing, and I really hate them for it! 😡

    And yet, I promote them by buying the game, and I allmost play it as much as I played the Metroid Prime games when they just came out… And I played those games A LOT.

  2. Frubban


    I agree, but a system with optional purchasable things that can also be earned in the game is pretty hard to make…


    Gotta agree with you on that one, too. But unfortunately, I’m on a really tight budget, so that wouldn’t work for me… :/

  3. Strenux

    Fairly will you ever do a PS3 review? If you guys don’t have one I can understand why you wouldn’t do a review but considering its the main console I play and regardless of what Brad said about vocal media having bias or whatever, I still hate IGN.

  4. FairlyObvious

    @Strenux – Thanks for pointing that out. I will.

    @liphttam1 – She still wouldn’t look like that when she walks. Especially since she’s a soldier.

  5. jude52

    i persunally think the m,aps are to big theyre all sniping levels… i meen were did sandtrap go! how come thats not kool any more???!!! i just hate the fat that they think there going out with a big bang… too big

  6. davismouse

    i just have a regular play station and the only game we have on it is called “bugs bunny: lost in time”. the graphics are HORRIBLE but its still pretty fun. i have an idea! i could write a mini-review, right here, right now!

    …or not. :mrgreen:

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