Welcome Back Sale!

Just a quick heads up before I actually start posting again following the two months of post launch silence. If you’re still holding out, The Fancy Pants Adventures is on sale for 5 bucks on PSN as part of EA’s own Welcome Back program for Playstation Plus members (brotip: Sony’s giving out a free month of PSPlus as part of the original welcome back package). Sale ends on the 21st, so tell your friends!

Not a bad deal, eh?

(just to clarify, US Store only, I believe)


  1. KCreator78

    Oops, I mean first ”first comment” in two months, not first comment in two months, people have of couse been posting while you were gone ๐Ÿ˜›

    Btw a great offer for those who havn’t bough the game yet, but I guess most people have bought it already ๐Ÿ™

    But that means Brad will finally start to answer some comments? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. jesus_minime

    Well, the reason a lot of us are still “holding out” isn’t because we’re having a hard time making up our minds, but that we only have a Wii, or no console at all. I’d love to get my hands on a copy of the game, but I still have no console to play it on.

  3. Brad

    @KCreator78: Fixed. Feel free to shoot me a quick email when that happens.

    @Pencilmaster: Flash isn’t going to have 4 FPM multiplayer. That would be a nightmare :/

    @jesus_minime: Trust me, I know, I’ve been pushing EA pretty hard lately for a Steam version, but uh, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Steam / Origin controversy lately… But! The more people buy it the current game, the more willing EA’s going to be to spend the money to get it running somewhere else, so if you know anyone who hasn’t bought it yet, please let them know about the sale!

    @supertedy: Hm, I was told it was US only, but the more, the merrier!

    @smileylover: Sorry about that! I’ve been meaning to make a post on it, and I have something AWESOME in mind, but I’ve been busy with starting up World 3 production again, and, well, bugging EA to get the game on Steam ๐Ÿ™

  4. Hams

    @Brad: I can’t get the multiplayer to work, it only lets me create a game, not join one and I want to play KOTH! BTW, if I get gold on all Fancy Arcade challenges am I actually better than the creators? Coz I got that medal. It was one of those moments you would say, Achievement Unlocked! Coz it was hard and… yeah
    Kinda sucks that I bought it full price but anyway I helped you guys more! And I don’t think I would have got the sale because i’m in NZ

  5. tysonwallent

    @Brad: Could you at least and something to the sneak peak? Maybe some pirates, ninjas and frogs in springy hills? Also could I please have a few frames to model off out of Lego like wall running or running. I would really appreciate it

  6. Pencilmaster

    @Brad: Maybe you can make the second level of the sneak peek the Giant Bathtub. Because I am getting insane of just squiggleville and the cave!

  7. KCreator79

    Brad: Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€ I didn’t even know you could do that ๐Ÿ˜›
    But I still can’t post anything as KCreator78 on this computer, my messages just disappears when I press the submit button, so anything you could do about that too?
    And one more thing, if you are going to release fpa for steam, then what’s the point with the flash version? ๐Ÿ˜• I guess most people are willing to pay 10 dollars for it anyways…

    Seriously? Is fancy pants being beaten by a facebook game?! We must prevent that from happening, fancy pants is just way cooler, that’s for sure!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  8. PC-Gam3r

    Very happy about the consoles (including PS3) but ahh…?; still no word about PC version. Looks like it might not be released after all/make it onto the steam platform, oh wells!
    Is there any new good news that would be likely to be released soon about the PC version. Arrrgh! I’m waiting so long and too anxious to see it be released soon on the PC but I’ll get the game when I’m good and ready, ie. when it’s released on PC, not on console because I would like it/enjoy it more on that platform (the latter). Nothing more or no more peer pressure please *this already makes me want to just impulse buy it on Xbox Live. I wonder when it gets released on PC, will there be any deal for us gamers waiting so long, a sale perhaps, or a complimentary free gift/item that comes with it…?! PLEASE RELEASE IT SOON, SO BORING NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT AND STILL NO NEWS ON THE PC VERSION STILL!!!!

  9. KCreator79

    @Brad: Well, I made KCreator78 at February 15. this year, but I guess you could just change my current to KCreator78, it doesn’t really matter, so just change my current user to KCreator78 and I’ll be fine with that ๐Ÿ™‚

    We should probably choose a time and date for us to join king of the hill before we all forget about it! So maybe sometime next week?
    And also, maybe we should choose a time when both Americans and Europeans (like me) are awake, since I don’t wanna miss out this time too!

  10. PC-Gam3r

    I thank you a lot, Brad, for replying. It seemed like no one was responding to my call of aid… ahaha. Anyway I can see what you mean by all that but on steam I can’t see why you can’t release a PC version of the game regardless of how well its selling on the consoles, if it helps I might buy it also on my old xbox-360 account so I can then hopefully buy it on PC but what people must realise is that their is a far larger pc based community than consoles. There’s about 12 million xbox users and 9 million PS3 users worldwide, but for PC’s I’d say its more than a million! PC’s have been around for a long time and wouldn’t be it easier to just realise it on steam, as they do a good job at advertising games and I’m sure word would spread pretty quick. Steam itself is releasing even 5 free MMO PC steam games on the platform itself, so it doesn’t make sense to me as to why you can’t release FPA on steam for say $20 or for free like the other game developers are… again I’m not to saying to release it for free, I’m just saying I don’t how other developers are able to release their games for free and you can’t release yours even for a reasonable price… I state again I’d happily pay for that and I’m sure many other people are just as anxious to wait and see if they can play it on their PC’s as I’m sure I’m not the only one…

    Anyway, I can understand all that and even if you don’t release it on PC ๐Ÿ™ but it just doesn’t make sense when so many other games are able to be released on PC for free so easily and the above things I mentioned above and most titles these days by default at launch are always released on PC and the consoles making it even more easier to reach every community, I think that’s what should’ve happened. Take the CoD titles, they are always released in this order: PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Its quite confusing but I’m sure there’s a valid reason for it because I know you would want to release it on the PC as soon as possible and not keep us waiting. Lol.

    Also its become very quiet again, are you going to be posting more comments to keep us active? Like is there a new idea coming across, flash game/game coming across later on because I don’t quite know what to do right now, to just sit here or to wait patiently. HAHA.

    P.S. about the Pc release, I will buy it don’t worry, one criticism among the near perfect game was that boss fights were too easy, has this been remedied or have you planed to counter this in any way in future plans? Anyway I’d love to hear from people especially Brad right now on what they think and if PC has a release date yet, probably it won’t but its better asking for something than nothing!

  11. PC-Gam3r

    LOl about that PC question, the no. of PC users, FYI. that comment above about more than 1 million was sarcasm {there’s way more lol, trust me} is more than 250 million, and at least 4 million use the Steam service everyday, so you have quite the potential there plus I’ll be telling my friends everyday, nagging them to buy it, if it does come out…

  12. PC-Gam3r

    OK, coming back from the issue at hand about the PC release, again I was wrong about the PC figure, lol! Trying to find more accuracte stats, closest to 2011 is at current, nearly 300 million pc users, worldwide, like 290 million, some figure like that and the amount that use STEAM is 4.5 million. So there, you have it but coming back and having researched this thing about Origin I suddenly realised me and my steam friends (that I told FPA could be coming to STEAM) were in for a bit of a dissapointment.

    At first I didn’t know what the drama was all about but now I know having that Crysis 2 and a few other EA games were being removed from the STEAM store, which kinda made me outraged at first as many people would’ve payed their hard earned money for this game and at the fact that EA is idk publisher or developer? Anyway EA is helping with your game, Brad and I suddenly realised how this will affect and impact many PC users who want to buy this game when it comes released on the PC platform, more specifically us STEAM users, as it affects us personally.

    I know now a bit more about this whole situation and EA wanting to make their own PC Platform/store/service exactly like STEAM has and basically this means that: 1. EA games will no longer be on steam, 2. EA games will no longer, be future released on steam and 3. well, FPA won’t be released then as many EA games are now being labelled ‘Origin Only’, although they are still avalalble on places like amazon, D2D and other online digital services which makes it look like STEAM and STEAM users are the only ones at hand being disadvantaged.

    So now, knowing more about this… it kind of makes me upset, knowing I’ve been patient and waiting all this time (although deep down, I did know there would be no PC release,) and that the chances are of FPA being released on PC retail or even on STEAM (these are the main 2 ways pc-gamers access games these days, I’d be happy even with retail; so long as its convenient and accessable on the PC, I can even add retail games on STEAM therefore making it even more simplified and still reaching all those people and getting what I hoped for… are very slim at the most and it looks like all PC users are not going to be get it at all, well at least most want considering there will be no easy way, nor do most people have internet access and buy retail copies these days, both parties will be affected; retail and steam, and it looks like chances are of EA releasing FPA are 5-10 %, considering that EA games are already being removed and/or not being future-released on the STEAM platform.)

    My question is how will most PC-users access this game if it is released, accounting for most people who like mentioned above, don’t have either internet access and so rely mainly on retail or just want to stick by one one digital service and not change to any other downloading client like Origin and remain with STEAM to access it? I know Origin is a new invention to make EA games even more convenient but it’s not going to be more convenient for people already without internet or are only using STEAM or going to be only using that one in the future (as people like myself don’t want to have to change back and forth for different games, like just using Origin to play EA only games and STEAM to play every other game, thats 2 different clients and people like me, will find that hard to adapt to. My question is will we have to download Origin as to have the only accessible way to play this game or to get through to it or will it be released hopefully so all PC users can get it regardless, STEAM or non steam, as i find a Origin exclusive game just too hard to access IMO (in my opinion).

    Not only that, I did say some people are a bit negative- retail and steam people alike, (I’m not, I’m happy to accept Origin, but at this point in time it doesn’t look like it will be bought by me on PC nor will it ever be released on PC or a PC version never coming to existance due to this controversy…) some people are saying and on the net to me that I will stick by steam and not go to Origin, or simply I don’t want to use Origin. I know thats a bit over-the-top (pun- not intended) but people do feel its a bit annoying to have to go from one thing to another, especially when STEAM has gathered much of the PC community already, a large number, its more than likely people will not trade over or go with a new service, as they have adjusted to STEAM and are happy just with that.

    Origin being a new invention will not have many people at the moment, as it only has just started nor has the amount of people on it like STEAM does at the moment (although these numbers could change later on) if it is to be released as Origin Only much like all the EA titles right now, then it will be consumed only by a very small population or community only on Origin and some people would think it would be too much effort, time or don’t want a new download service as they have never used one, and always stuck by retail. Sure it would hit a lot more people on STEAM sure, but imagine way more purchases and numbers if it could be bought retail, no strings attached, and no need for activation through Origin as everyone would get what they wanted.

    All I’m saying is hopefully my dream does come true and it becomes retail… and please do not argue with EA if it is to be released their preferred way, I’m not too fussed, but it would be good if they could agree and release it, lets hope for the best! Anyway I was convinced that buying a xbox-version of the game on LIVE would somehow help this PC cause but seeing if it maybe is to be a Origin only game then I think it would do very litte, I’m still open to test it out and try but at this point and time the PC version may never happen or work out right, I’ll still buy it on Xbox-Live no doubt, because it seems to me that PC will be waiting for a long time and I can’t wait this long as I’m too anxious and can’t wait to try it out, but I do feel sorry for the people who do not have consoles as they will be missing out and I’m fortunate to have actually a console and have the opportunity to buy that game at any given time.

    Its just unforuntate that his had to happen this way, being a PC fan and having played FP 1 and 2 over 16 times each and getting to 100% it seems like that dedication went to nothing, no offense intended, I love the game and long for a flash version, FP 3 (if that ever happens, please make that happen at least) but I hoped that people who dedicated to the PC platform like me would at least get this one wish. It is rather unfortunate and I can’t say I blame you or EA for this, its just sad it resulted in this and its more than likely PC users will never grasp FPA in their hands (virtual, lol!) unless Origin somehow becomes more easier to access in the near time closer, if it is to be released on Origin or we can access Origin without a net…?

    But in all truths I think a retail copy would be of best interest and the best bit to be the most successful, again in my opinion, no offence intended, and I trust that this right decision be hopefully made and we eventually we will be able to play it and have fun!

  13. PC-Gam3r

    Soz for the long post again!, Brad… Lol. I just wanted to express my opinion, I do from time to time tend to get carried away in the motion… ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. PC-Gam3r

    I also found out, that EA games removed from STEAM can still be played, thankfully, my mistake for misunderstanding but its still weird why they were removed?

    And I told my friends FPA was coming to STEAM, since well many of them believed that at the start, plus people on social networking sites and rumours as well and that you said you were trying to get a release for STEAM, I know I shouldn’t have said anything until it was confirmed but still most of us thought it’d happen and that we were all pretty excited about it…!

  15. Brad

    @KCreator79: Replying to an older comment here, but a full PC version would be native, running at 60 fps, multiplayer, online, have hats, weapons, all the levels, King of the Hill, Races, challenge high score lists, and pretty much anything different that comes from an entire team making a game vs just me.

  16. next one

    Brad, I have a suggestion to make.

    It is, Remember the cannon in the sneak peak room; the one that you gave us the link? Well, I suggest that you make it 2 player mode somehow. That would be even more fun if you could choose 2 or 1 player.

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