Snailshell Experimenting

Check out the level I threw into the Sneak Peek Beta.

It’s just an unmarked door next to Stress Testing, but I’ll make an entry for it soon. Hopefully we can find the rest of the bugs soon so I can push it out to Mochi.

I’ve been experimenting with something like this for awhile, but I’ve been afraid to go too far with it since, well, Sonic has always been the pinballish platformer. I think FPA already gets compared too much to Sonic as it is, but what can I say, I’m sort of obsessed with pinball, so I’m leaving this one in your hands, dear fans: Do the pinball mechanics work well enough? Are they fun? Would you like to see a level like that where the goal is to defeat all the bats in a certain time limit, or should I stick to expanding the mechanics for some Fancier Golf? Is it just too much Sonic and not enough FPA?

psh, not sonic, and I left my mouse in the image!!

I’ve been coding for way too long today, I almost tried to comment out the old text… Sheesh.


  1. wingdemon

    Pinball with the snailshell? im really excited to see how you pull this off man.

    if you get it right, it may just be the greatest thing ever accomplished in the Flash Video Game world.

  2. supertedy

    Would be cool if we would KNOW what that mysterious Picture is… So, put it in the Beta! And also, got a question, will all those new stuff like that Life Bar thingy get in the PS3/Xbox version as update?
    And, you also said maybe World 3 would be downloadable… Is that still true?

    • Brad

      So to be way too frank about the 360 and PS3 versions, it’s FAR more difficult to update those than me just uploading a new build. I’d have to get Over the Top to make the update, EA would have to Q&A it (which is expensive), Microsoft charges an exorbitant fee after the first update, and the update can only be 4 megs big. So far, the game hasn’t sold enough to justify spending a bunch more money on it (though I’m hoping sales pick once World 3 is out). So bottom line is, we’ll see, but I sure hope we’ll be able to, eventually.

      Well, you can always download a Flash game, the games are in the Chrome Store for free, that’s the easiest way to download and play them offline. Should continue that with World 3.

  3. offtopic

    Just had an idea.@Brad,how about you make it like the science room,with a gauge to measure your score and you need to get a specific score within a set amount of time. Then you can also add more bumpers than just the “100” Ones.
    EDIT: W00t!!! First on page at long last!

  4. hyperactivesuperninja!

    I think it’s kinda cool, having a pinball level! But I was thinking, why don’t you try some more sports, like a Fancy Soccer or Basketball? Then again, I think it’s good enough already! I LOVE THIS STUFF!

  5. Gump

    I like the idea a lot. I know you are just testing right now, but I think it could use a few more non-bouncy ledges and pegs. The bumpers are a little crazy the way they are set up now. Another idea is having “ramps” you can aim at that guide the shell up a certain path and give more points if you can hit them.

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