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Update: Hammer on this a bit, guys, I want to make sure it’s bug free enough to upload to

Beta Clicky!

One more beta before I update the full Sneak Peek online. Sorry I’ve been so quiet over here, I’ve been working like crazy on World 3, and know everyone wants it to actually come out, so there’s a good deal of work left to do. Some things are turning out different, since it’s just me making the game instead of Over the Top and I, I might highlight some of those changes in a video soon.

This build should fix a good many bugs, if you don’t see ‘Behind the Curtain’ on top of the door in Squiggleville, you might need to clear your browser cache.

Check out the Underground Lake for some changes that I’ve been making to swimming, I was finally able to have a bit of fun and work on a few new little touches.

Looks like I broke a few things, whoops! Going to go through the bugs in a minute, but first, let me highlight a few changes:

– New ledge down animation to go better with the duck animation (after pressing down and usually seeing the head go down so quickly, my eyes expected quicker downwards movement when pressing down near a ledge)
– Swim flip!!!
– Bubbles!
– New splash effects!
– Splashes are now caused by either entering or exiting the water, instead of by the changing states. Much more natural.
– I changed the color of the water to go with the tub’s water, since I made the splashes for that, but I can’t get the backgrounds to look right, they actually are the same color as the foreground)
– Rolling swim state, can roll into water from the ground or from a jump, I believe baddies actually do the same thing when they’re stunned…
– Yet another handful of ground collision bug fixes
– Combat fixes for the shell
– Can climb up ink again (can’t remember why I keep breaking that then fixing it again, there’s probably a reason, oh well)
– Oh, right, a HUGE fix that I’m proud of is the zooming. I’ve been avoiding zooming because of how bad the backgrounds behaved before, but I think it’s finally looking good enough. In the Sneak Peek, the King and the Scientist will be zoomed in on, but it’s mostly for the cinematic parts of World 3 that aren’t in the Sneak Peek.
– Took out the ability to kill background scrolling. People just thought it was a bug, anyway. Will have to have more quality options for older computers.

Looks like I broke the cannons and combat effects, hmm. Should be fixed soon.

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  1. azimoto9

    hey brad, right before i got to the science parkour challenge thing,(from the left where the snail used to be) I slid. but then i went inside the ground, and i fell to the bottom (while in the brown). I think at the corner there, t=you left a little hole in flash, just thought i should tell u

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