Finally, World 3 Report 31!

Mostly just going over everything that I’ve been posting, just to get the videos up to speed. Hopefully these will become a regular occurrence again, but you know me 😛

And apparently there’s some storms headed my way :/


  1. Pencilmaster

    @Brad: Like I commented on Youtube, could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the forest in the sneak peek? I would be so pleased since the forest looks the best!

    EDIT: What is that “dum dum dum – dum dum dum”?

    EDIT EDIT: On youtube, you answered something like we could vote for another sneak peek level since world 2 had 2 levels in the demo. So, lets vote here!

    I vote for adding an new level, Canopy Forest!

  2. wingdemon

    Yo Brad, is there any way you could crouch in pinball and play as fancy pants man in a giant pinball machine? where you can control the angle of his decent slightly to hit the bumpers etc. that sounds s’much more interesting than a snail shell.

    ooor maybe fancy pants man crawls inside the snail shell and then starts a game of pinball? (obviously by rolling down some random hill then off a ramp into the game) where again you’ll have slight control of the character.

    because i didn’t really find it very fun where you just have to kick the snail shell up over and over again.

    the level actully got much funner when i found out that you could jump into the bumpers yourself, and i spent 30 mins or so experimenting with different methods to bounce on the bumpers using yourself.

    oh, and world 3 looks amazing.


    (PS, maybe change up the grass in the forest level a bit? it seems to wide for its height, could you make it shorter or thinner? jus’ asking, not really needed but thought it could help)

    ALSO! will world 3 have dynamic lighting? like shadows that change according to your position? alot of flash games have it now-a-days. 😀

    ooooooh and the animations look great, just wanted to say that. i haven’t commented on a post in s’long thought i should do some kind of super comment.

    tl;dr? please read. 😛

    • Brad

      Yeah, if you hold down, you keep bouncing around. I’m thinking of using some of those new platforms and bumpers in bonus levels, also, which would be more like playing pinball with FPM.

      Try just holding down and bouncing around, that’s one of the reasons I added it to the Sneak Peek, so everyone could play with it and tell me what’s most fun.

  3. Infrared

    Yes! Another World 3 Report!

    @Brad: Anyways, one question: I noticed that in the version of Canopy Forest that you started before working on the console version, there were several stars in the top right corner. However, these were gone in the new version. Now, if I recall correctly, weren’t those supposed to be like those checkmarks above certain doors to show if you had beaten a level or not? I know that you have shown videos with the checkmarks (I think one was even above the science room in one video), but they are not in the sneak peak or this video. So, are you still going to use the star/checkmark system, or did you stop working on it?

    • Brad

      So, haha, the checkmarks above the doors were originally for the keys and disco ball pieces on the pirate ship. I just added them to my door clip, so they might have been showing up in strange places. I think I planned on having them above all the challenge doors, but added the score thing on top of the science room. I want the challenge doors to be score based, so players can still go for a high score, but have a particular score to beat, like in the console game.

      I believe I added the stars to mark places that would be hidden items a level that I was working on, whether it was an actual star, like in the console game, or NPC, or bonus room. I’ll probably add stars in eventually to World 3 also. Funny thing, though, a lot of reviews for FPA said that a lot of stars weren’t reachable in single player, which isn’t true. Guess they just weren’t fancy enough on their own :/ Makes we wonder how people are going to be with World 3, since the momentum gameplay adds a hugely higher layer of difficulty.

      Hopefully all the Flash players out there will put them to shame, and post YouTube instructional videos, heh.

    • Viking

      Brad, in spite of all the requests for the beta and more things in the demo. Don’t let them pressure you into revealing secrets. It will be most fun if there are some really cool things in the final release that we have no idea about before it comes out.

    • ICARAX

      i like idea of using some doors and some stage-to-stage such as if there is a long level then you can make a stage-to-stage, but then for the rest, then its just doors(?)

      idk, i guess thats up to brad to answer.. :/

    • Brad

      Good question! I actually have stage by stage set up in my working build, works especially well between Squiggleville -> King Intro -> To the Tub -> Cutie Pants Intro. I think I left the door in the Sneak Peek since it led to the lake.

      So, probably going to go with the transitions.

  4. Julius

    @Brad Hey Brad, Recently I have been playing the Ninsposion! room on the sneak peek, and I have found that every time I land from an air attack, I get hit instantly. I think that you should add the same timed immunity on landing from an air attack as you do from sliding into baddies (was it 1/10 second?) to at least allow you some time to dodge attacks. Also, is there any way to add damage pop-ups on jumping, sliding, and air-attacking enemies?

  5. Guilhermus Magnus

    Well, i think i don’t have much to say, everything until now is great and awsome.. the Pinball is very cool, and it doesn’t remenber me Sonic…

    1 more thing, do you still acept badies, for the badies room? I will try to make one, i just need to get a better flash version, my one is macromedia 2006… -_-

    P.S: Brad, you really should get a brake.

  6. Guilhermus Magnus

    I was here thinking, we (fans) are very lucky, because brad awnsers to all our questions, and listens to our ideas. Most of the other game developers don’t want to know about their fans.
    Thats why Brad is so cool at his own Fancy way.

  7. Beeman98

    Awesome, World 3 reports are back! I saw the ‘Scratch Cat’ (the orange cat) at the combat arena. How do you know about Scratch? Anyway, this looks great! P.s. tell your cats (Chuck & Norris if i recall correctly) I said Hi.

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