Trees for the Forest…

Sadly, I don’t have enough content for a full update, but I should be finished with the Forest soon. I’m liking this style of grass better, and I’ve been doing some coding work to get every level set up for mini trials, challenge levels, and all that (before that was just sort of hacked together for the Sneak Peek).

Any questions in particular? I might do another video soon going through a few of the other things in the Sneak Peek. Need to get consistent with those again…

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  1. sam4344

    is all this stuff in the sneak peek?(by stuff i mean like the sandy level and the forest level and the misplaced cave level) i haven’t played for a few weeks and when i try to play on the chrome app version there is always a popup that says”the following pages have become unresponsive” so i can only play on my laptop which is not with me!!! =)

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