Cave Building: Update 1.4 and some scribbles


Foreground finished! Next update should be a new post, and a start to the backgrounds.

I messed with a bunch of code this time, so feel free to let me know how badly I broke everything. Remember to clear your browser cache to be sure you have the latest update!

It’s always a balancing act with World 3, my drawing has been getting better, but I still want FPA to have that scribbly look about it. You might be able to see some of that internal struggle here with this level. I’ve added some more scribbly texture since last update, but it’s still a pretty clean looking level.

I think I’m going to focus more on the background for this level, since it’s very open in spots, so the foreground will only have a few different designs on it (plus, I need to hurry up and finish this game!).


For Halloween!

Here’s an idea that I’ve been playing around with for awhile, and I think this is a fun way to debut it.

Check out the Spiders in the Caves. They’re… armored! Basically, this would introduce tougher baddies in the late game, to be fought specifically with the pencil.

Gonna make a post about it soon, but I figured anyone checking the site often should get the first view.

Sneak Peek Halloween Test

And remember, if you’ve found a bug and it’s at all a possibility, please email me the replay string. That way I can be sure that I’ve fixed your bug!

This is probably cheating, but I needed a thorough bug fix update. Not that I don’t expect y’all to promptly break it or anything, but that poor mouse, all his code was broken 🙁

Oh, and poke at the scratch he fires.

And a huge thank you to everyone’s who’s sent in replays, you really are speeding up World 3’s development significantly. I can’t thank you guys enough!


  1. shuansown

    i just cant wait to play world 4 world 3 is just adventure with flash so world 4 is what im looking fowerd to oh and hopefuly cutie pants has a character that you can play with

  2. Pencilmaster

    I love the halloween thing on the spiders! They look soooooo cool!

    But PLEASE put the pirates in combat arena. I cant wait to fight against them!

    Well, I will just now test how far this reply thing can go.

  3. shuansown

    lol you like mario? sonics way better (oh and yes i am a pathetic fanboy who sits and wines about mario ok!)and fancy pants is much mare like sonic anyway mario is so fat and boaring his games are has fun has a broken pencil oh wait no the pencil is more fun lol! i hate mario ok!

  4. jake950

    sooo i found this glitch. ( im too lazy to re download hypercam right now so ill just say it in word form) so at the end of the level in misplaced caves by the springs that take you to the door. there are a few angled plat forms on top of eachother on the far left wall. if u stand on the second one and go against the wall by pressing left and then pressing s it like teleports you to the top of the wall. like standing on top og the two lines( of unfinished-ness). so yea. someone check that out( im posting this again. because no one replyed. someone please tell me if this also happens to them)

  5. next one

    @ Brad:

    I found a Glitch.
    The Glitch is:
    So you know how there is that star where you go to this small ramp and then it teleports you to the star, well, it doesn’t teleport you anymore.:(

      • shuansown

        ok maby there has fast has one another or marios fasater but dude sonic was definitly faster in all other games and i like sonic but i think mario isnt bad its just i like the sonic speed in sonic adventure and sonic adventure 2 sonic heroes sonic generations sonic and knuckels sonic 3 sonic cd and all but mario just aint my kinda game

  6. AJ32

    And if you update the header, please say it, because I make a “FPA 3 and Console Version Updates” PDF since 2009!
    (Maybe I’ll upload it 2012.) 😆

  7. pompos2

    So, Woohoo what a speed of posts.Seriously these are the fastest updates that you ever made on a single post Brad.Love the ‘Caves and the Halloween spiders.check up my reply for mario and sonic above and continue the good work so that Fancy Pants can be Fancy once more!

  8. HeliumLive

    check it out

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