Lots of bug fixes and…

Bunch of things should be fixed. There’s one more thing, but I don’t want to point it out. Let me know what you think. It’s something that I’ve been going back and forth on for awhile now, but I figured see how you guys feel about it.

If you’re having some trouble figuring out what I did, go fight something with the pencil, should be most obvious there.

Sneak Peek. Might want to just go ahead and clear your cache first.


    • Brad

      Ah, yeah, was thinking about that recently. I might use that with the pirates, since they’re really the only one on one enemies, plus I finally got the stupid zooming to work correctly, so I kinda have to use more zoom.

  1. Auad


    @Brad, I think it could shake only when you hit with the pencil. With the charged attack to be more exactly.

    I think it would be better this way.

    Sorry guys 😀

    EDIT: Or when you take hit

    EDIT2: Or both

  2. Viking

    I like the shaking camera, brad, but would it be possible to only have it when he gets hit/hits hard or have the shake vary on how hard he gets hit/is hitting.

    An unrelated note I just thought of. Are you going to have little in-between levels again? That would be a cool spot for some original physics or very different level type ideas. I liked how you did that in world 2- especially the sliding up the wall thing, or the wall jump in world 1. I would love to see that type of thing again where you introduce new game elements in mini puzzle levels.

    • Brad


      I’ve been leaving the transition levels pretty simple lately, but I’ve been going a bit more crazy with the extra levels. I rewrote all that platform code, and I’m starting to feel like it’s woefully underused, been playing around with a super hard level, once it’s less breakable, I’ll add it and see what everyone thinks. Challenge levels should be a bit crazier, too.

  3. Banner

    Hey Brad, a little trouble with the tags in one of the forum topics (FFA FANCLUB)

    and yes, i am going anonymous as another random user. But you might wanna check it out.

  4. MisterCheesio

    I suppose it’s pretty cool, but the spiders with helmets freak out when i hit them with a normal (uncharged) attack. plus, their lights dont face the right way. anyone else have the same issues?

    Edit: btw, this only happens on the FPA.com site. all other versions seem ok for some reason…

  5. KCreator79

    Hi, long time no see 😉 been busy, as always

    I just wanted to inform you real quick: There is now rumors about a ps3 exclusive fighting game called “title fight” with lots of ps3 exclusive characters. Kind of like a super smash bros. style type of game.

    I just thought it would have been really awesome if fancy pants had starred in that game! 😀 that would have been epic!! :mrgreen:

  6. jesus_minime

    Hey Brad!

    I just wanted to let you know I finally got around to playing FPA xbox version and I think it’s awesome! I got 100% on all three worlds. My favourite of the unlockable items is the Batman mask.

    Great job dude! Kudos!

    Oh, and tell Fairly I thought the dialogue was hilarious.

      • ICARAX

        got an idea what



        EDIT: Er.. sorry for the page break. how do i fix this?!?

  7. fancyfanman1

    Hey Mr. Borne, why not add comedy into the levels!
    And can you do me a solid? When your done with the collision codes and everything, get on the levels please!

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