World 3: Report 33 – Fancy Cave Art

[Unrelated Thought: So how many of you would like to see a really difficult bonus level, something that would separate the men from the boys, as they say? Or would that just be too frustrating?]

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Report 33!

I actually didn’t notice that I was playing with the very latest build, with most of the squiggles finished already. Oh well, guess I’ll upload that, too.


    • thelimedart

      Well he asked if we wanted an extra hard bonus level, (right up at the top there) and I was responding to that. But I see what you interpreted it as, and I agree, begging for more content would be very inappropriate.

  1. Auad

    @Brad, I don’t even know why you asked if you knew the answer would be: “Yes, we want a bonus level”


    BTW, Yes, I want a bonus level

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