Merry Christmas ’11!

Can’t believe that it was back in ’08 that I first uploaded the Christmas version of World 2, sheesh.

Got a little something different for this Christmas: a new challenge level for the Misplaced Caves in the Sneak Peek, but with a small Christmas twist (and of course, fixed a bunch of bugs).

You’ll have to find the room inside the Caves, it’s pretty close to the beginning, same as the console version.

There won’t be a Snailshell Golf course in every single level like in World 2, but as challenge levels, I have a lot more freedom making a smaller level specifically for a round of golf. I like how this level turned out, and I’ve tuned the shell physics a tad bit more, so hopefully the shell is a little easier to control, too.

And of course, Merry Christmas! Watch many good Christmas movies!


  1. be fancy forever

    BUG REPORT:At new challange lvl, when rubber snailshell entered into the hole you cant hit it with touching but you can hit it with pencil.

  2. Parttimeninja

    I like the snail shell course. If you land directly on top of the snail when it’s sitting still you can hit it through the ground, that’s the only problem I found in it. Nothing happened when I got it in the hole, I don’t know if that’s a bug or if you just haven’t animated it yet.

  3. 3Radishes

    i like the new level, and the idea of the rubber shell sounds cool.
    i assume there’ll still be a few snails though?
    I am having one problem with the game, it’s beginning to run quite slowly on my pc, especially the misplaced caves. i wondered how well it would run when its completed, because that might be a problem with some people with less cpu power.

    • Brad

      Well that’s really just a joke, there won’t be any differences in World with the Snailshell.

      Does it run any worse than usual? I’ll probably have a lower CPU mode that drops all the backgrounds, or renders everything at a lower resolution to save RAM.

  4. offtopic

    @3radishes: The same thing is happening to me. The two challenge levels work fine because they’re devoid of backgrounds and stuff, but because Misplaced Caves is comparatively more graphically intents, it tends to carry a lot more lag with it.

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