iOS release and more World 3

What’s up everyone? Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays so far!

So I’ve posted this around on the Facebook and Twitters, but just for the sake of completeness, I’ll post it here, too. The Fancy Pants Adventures is coming out for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad January of 2012! I can’t say too much more about it yet, but you should be hearing more very soon. I can say, though, that we’ve spent a lot of time on the controls, making sure they’re easy to press and super responsive, and they stand up to the best I’ve seen on iOS.

But don’t forget about about World 3! I’d want to release it as soon as possible after FPA goes live on the App Store, so I guess you can consider that sort of a release date, as long as everything goes well.

As for the Sneak Peek, I’ve been working on painting a water level recently, and ended up tweaking the swimming a bit, just because it was bugging me. Tightened up the controls, fixed up a few animations, and smoothed out the camera a bit. Let me know how it feels, or if you even notice a difference. Or if I broke everything.

And finally, I have something coming up in the Sneak Peek Christmas, check back soon!


  1. offtopic

    I can just tell this is going to be AWESOME!
    All I need is a good grade and my Dad’s going to get me an iPod Touch, and he’s getting an iPhone 4S. I hope multiplayer will be made available in subsequent updates.

    • Brad

      Me too, it’s a million times easier to update iOS games than XBLA and PSN games, so if sales are good, it’ll definitely be a possibility.

      On the upside, since we’re launching without multiplayer, the price will be extremely affordable πŸ™‚

  2. smileylover

    This is amazing, now I have a chance of being able to play it. You have no idea how happy I was when I first saw the update on facebook! Not to mention WORLD 3 coming out soon…. I was imagining having to wait another year, now I find out it’s a month! Yay πŸ˜€

  3. Minifig3D

    Sounds great, but will it be coming to android as well? The controls should be extremely similar…
    If it does, I can guarantee you at least 12 purchases!
    Oh, and what is the approximate price? Thanks!

    • Brad

      Not sure, probably up to OtT and Chillingo. If it does well enough, they might be able to bring it over.

      It’ll be nice and low πŸ˜‰ Don’t think we’ve revealed the price yet, though.

  4. next one

    Now I NEED to get an iPod Touch!

    @ Brad: How will the controls be? I’m very curios to find out how to jump, pencil, or walk, or of course do the crouch down thing. Are the controls just going to be a few buttons saying jump pencil etc etc…?

  5. Viking

    bug in latest sneak peak:I went into challenge level door and walked out again. Then when I went back to the beginning of the cave level to go back to squiggleville, that door took me back to the challenge level.

    [EDIT] same thing happened when coming to the cave from water level. Go back through the door and it is the water level again.

    Also, his pants Idle animation while underwater is a tiny bit choppy

    • be fancy forever

      When you finish challange lvl again (at go back to squiggleville door) You are at misplaced caves starting point again.So when you want to go back finish misplaced caves lvl and press return to squiggleville

  6. jv2276

    Hey brad any idea when in January it’ll come out? I’ve been checking often for more info but can’t find much but I’m really looking forward to getting it. Hell the first time I played the flash was back in 07 I think. But yeah great job man

    • Brad

      So Chillingo had another hands on in December, but from what I can tell, all the sites were so backed up from the holiday rush that we probably won’t be hearing about the game again until launch. For that event, I was hearing February, so honestly I’m not even sure when exactly it’ll come out. You guys will know as soon as I do, though.

  7. blob

    Would it be possible for FPA 3 to ported straight to Linux?
    it would be even faster, and you could send it the “Ubuntu Software Center” and make a little money.

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