The Great Spam Bot Purge!

Update: FLUSH!!!

Alright, if anything has gone wrong don’t hesitate to email me, I made sure to make a backup before running the plugin! But, if you had no posts but wanted to keep your account, just make another account, and, well, post something this time! heh.

The Great Spam Bot Purge is coming! I have like 6k users on my site, and most of them are bots, blech. Any accounts with no posts will be deleted! If you have an account and haven’t posted anything before, comment here to keep your account safe! I don’t know if it counts subscriptions, so please, all subscribers, leave a comment! Forum posts count, but you can leave a comment if you want to make sure. Yay, spam with a purpose!

Of course, if your account gets deleted and there was nothing attached to it, but you still want an account, you can always make another one later…


  1. fancypantsfan250

    I haven’t used this account in a while, but at least I have posts, so I should be safe. Which begs the question: why am I commenting? Maybe this announcement will be a springboard to make me more active? Who knows? Now I must go. *flies away*

  2. Bao Tran Duc

    I’m a bot, but don’t delete me because I can spam =))
    seriously, don’t delete me πŸ˜€
    And btw, like your idea jude52 πŸ˜€ a bot baddy named spam would be so awesome πŸ˜€

  3. Julius

    Hello Brad!
    Deleting all the spam bots seems like a fantastic idea!
    P.S. I am a real human.
    I have been active in the past, but I have not been too recently….
    If you look at some of the old World 3 updates, I have several comments.

  4. wingdemon


    and eggs [;ease.

  5. Nyubis

    Hmm, problem is there are plenty of spambots who just ended up having their threads closed instead of deleted (usually because there was some discussion going on in the thread. Maybe you can query how much users only have 1 post as well?

    • Bao Tran Duc

      The type of the file system is FAT32
      Recovering from critical error…10%…40%…80%… recovering fail ! All unsaved data will be deleted.
      C: 256142762385 free bytes
      Bot detected ! Data will be deleted.
      Done. πŸ˜›

  6. be fancy forever

    I can’t understand why ppl make accounts for nothing.It is only wasting time ( ok ok i have like 50 accounts but i try to use them all).

  7. next one

    I got 112 baddies in the combat arena and 98 in Ninsplosion. I think the air jab and bouncing baddies really helps. And: is this a glitch?: when you do the power stomp on a baddie, and you headbutt a parrot from underneith, you kill the parrot and get bonus jumps.

  8. sonicboom9004

    Brad, I think the replays don’t work when someone posts a comment that has a replay in it because when I copy and paste it into the replay editor, all I see is fancy pants man going in the door and…. that’s it… then it goes to the replay editor thing.

  9. offtopic

    Just had a heart attack, I went to the forum and it said I was banned due to project honeypot or something. Thankfully, I don’t have a static IP and it was fine when I restarted my router.

  10. be fancy forever

    Glitch1:I cant copy the replay thing bla bla at bonus golf room.


    It takes long time to write. ZzZzZzZzzzzzzzzzZzz

  11. pompos2

    dont ban me wordpress brad!:P i might not be very active in raiting comends(lol) but i played world 1 about 1389 times w2 10845 times and the sneak peek about a 1092892823748239472398429391230834754 times(Imagine W3!!!)

  12. next one

    @ Brad: is this what you mean by facing ninja’s head-on?


    lol!!! 40 combo

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