Fancy Pants Racing/Battling League!

Sup everyone? So, FPA on 360 and PS3 has been out for a while now, and as is usually the case with online games, it’s much more difficult to find an online game, much less one with 4 people in it.

So, I propose we pick a day and a time to flood the servers and reach critical mass. I’ll be there, too, so bring your A game!

What day would work best for you guys, what time? (in CST, if you please) Once we have something decided, I’ll announce it on the Facebook/Twitters, and we’ll see what happens!


  1. WJUK

    Hm… sounds interesting. CST is GMT-6, right?

    To get anyone from Europe, I think you’d have to do midday~ish area. But I guess if you do it in the weekend, it’d be fine.

    • KCYF

      The way you put it, it sounded rather childish. Mind growing up? I kinda hate it when people posted comments in this tone as though they are trying to attract attention. >:(

      Thank you for your kind understanding.

        • KCYF

          Apparently, fancypantsgirl5492 edited her post. Originally, it was something along these lines:

          “This is awesome Brad! You are the best! I love your games! They are the best I ever played.”

          I can’t guarantee that’s exactly what she said, but it is somewhat similar, saying things that just sounds so childish. It kinda flares me up and makes me want to yell at them to grow up.

          Sorry, but that’s my nature.

          • offtopic

            Agree with KCYF here, these kinds of people are worse than trolls in some ways. She also edited her post just to make him look like a fool.

  2. KCYF

    This is forcing me to STEAL a 360 or a PS3. And Brad, if you and to play with people from Asia, you will need to be up early in the morning while the Asians stay up late at night. Probably not a good idea, so I guess you are just going to stick with playing with people from the US or Europe?

    • ICARAX

      i would if you were my friend. haha i probably would.. but i’d need your home address, your bank account and credit card information first.. heheh lol jk man.

    • Brad

      It was too big for WiiWare, else it definitely would have. Looks like 3DS doesn’t have the same restrictions, but it would be much more expensive to port over than iOS or PC. Don’t know how well games have been selling on the eShop, but there definitely has been a TON of great releases recently.

  3. super fancypants

    hey guys go on youtube and type in top stick this video have fancy pants in it you guys should check it out. Go watch it now!

  4. Brad

    Well I tried playing online some for the first time in awhile, and there were actually a few people online!

    Combat’s just different enough from W3 to throw me off, heh.

    I’m thinking I’ll get on again tomorrow night, probably around 6. Then maybe again on the weekend, to see what gets more people.

    So if that sounds good to you guys, I’ll make the posts about it.

  5. diego

    hey guys, whats’s up? So whens the ”metting” heh.
    Well just one question. (I’m kinda new in console gaming) How can I play FPA online with people I don’t know? Do I have to select the xbox live option on the menu, or the leaderboards? please answer so I can play with you guys πŸ™

    • Brad

      I’m thinking Saturday at 6 Central (CST). I still need to make the posts about it…

      From the main menu, go to Xbox Live, Quick Match, Player Match (I believe, I’d have to check). I’m not going to do custom matches or anything, I just want everyone to flood a specific lobby). Fun fact, I wanted dramatically less different choices for matchmaking, so the player base would be less split up, but Microsoft has weird rules about that sort of thing…

      I’ll probably be on in an hour or so for some practice tonight.

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