1. diego

    i’m totally gonna buy this. It’s so worth ’cause it’s a Brad Borne production. Not to mention, if the Xbox 360 version was epic, I can’t imagine playing any time I want without the console! great job Brad. 😉

  2. smileylover

    Yay!! I didn’t expect it to be coming out for another few weeks, so this is especially awesome.

    Though I may not get any sleep tonight…. I will definitely be buying this, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop myself from playing all of it immediately. Even though it would take me all night. And I have a test and a project due tomorrow. This will take all of my willpower.

      • smileylover

        I won’t. Actually, this is really good timing – my Spring Break starts tomorrow. So I’ll be able to spend all of my time obsessively getting everything possible for the next few days, and not make myself fail school.

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