A Boy and His Blob

Yeah guys, this is a really old draft that never got posted, just recently finished it so the review basically includes everything that is non forgettable. Circa 6/2010, enjoy?

I finished this one a little while ago, but Brad and I have been way busy so I hadn’t been able sit down and write a review. I am doing this now . . . obviously.

I will begin with saying that this is going to be one of those games that fall into that awkward review territory. You are either going to love this game or find it completely boring. I was intrigued by this game once I started because the art (beautiful) and the general feel of the game transported me back to “Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland” an amazing (and impossible) NES game and an awesome cartoon I was obsessed with when I was a kid.

The characters are simple, but interesting. I loved watching the introduction over and over again (sooo pretty) and had a great time with my “blob.” The game did a great job putting a kid into perspective, his running and jumping were perfect. If you like your characters to be quick and jump far (aka FPM) then this is NOT the game for you. You DO get to “hug” your little blob which is just OMG adorable, eeeek! This doesn’t mean that occasionally you don’t just want to kick that little white thing off a cliff because it is just NOT OBEYING YOU!! Brad got a kick out of the inevitable: “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! NO, NO!” that happened every fifteen minutes. Basically you get to the point where you are murdering your newfound friend quite often because he will turn into a balloon and come back to you. This could also affect you in many psychological ways, you could potentially throw your favorite pillow off a cliff. In your defense though, you figured if you yelled “PILLOW!” it would turn into a balloon and come back to you. So if those crazy pillow protective service people show up at your door, REMEMBER THAT!

The general game is basically platformer meets puzzle. You feed Blob jellybeans, different colors make him (yes, I automatically assume Blob is male. Sexist? Maybe.) take different shapes to fit your different needs. I’m sure this will inevitably cause Blob to have a complex of not being “good enough” just the way he is or the player will start trying to force feed jellybeans to other children in hopes they turn into an anvil or a balloon. What? If first person shooters make me a violent gun toting maniac then this video games should automatically make me want to throw jellybeans at people. Like this guy: http://youtu.be/6zh6RuhK798

I do think this is a game for the nostalgia books. It is a “reimagining” of an NES game also called “A Boy and His Blob” and I think they do a good job keeping that retro feel while giving it a MUCH better art style. So if you do truly enjoy retro games but prefer a more updated art style, this game is for you.

Warning, there is a lot of collecting involved which is where the puzzle part of the game comes in. You unlock levels and, even more interesting, you unlock different pieces that show the “making” of the game. The cutest being the drawing up of concept art. The artist used his young son as a model, complete with backpack and a little “Blob” it’s really just adorable to watch. Then again, I’m a girl so you guys might just be like “Well we’re men we want to watch…men stuff” … Yeah.

To sum this all up, this is an exceptional game and great for if you want to play something that isn’t going to up your blood pressure. It’s one of the most relaxing, yet fascinating games I have ever played. Is it an “omg buy this now!” eh . . . if you see it on sale though I think it’s worth the $20 or however low they mark games nowadays.




    • FairlyObvious

      I actually have not played the NES game, but I wanted to see if I could find it to compare the two. The soundtrack for the Wii version was amazing though. I’d love to see Way Forward do Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland on the Wii.
      I want to look at more games from them.
      I’m scared of Silent Hill though :-/

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