Fairly here!


It seems there’s a bit of confusion. Two people post on this blog: Brad and then me.

Anything posted under “Fairly’s Corner” will not involve Brad except for the occasional times I ask him to check my grammar.

For the record Brad is still alive, just very busy. He’ll probably post his opinions on E3 once it’s over.

So who is psyched for E3? I’m baking a cake! (I’m serious)


  1. Minifig3D

    Soooo can’t wait for E3! I wish I could go… But what we all are extremely interested in is what kind of cake you are baking. I’m serious. It isn’t the one from Portal is it? Those taste great, but are quite popular among gamers. I liked em before they got all “popular”. Man, I guess I’m turning into an indie kid. Anyway, yeah. What kind of cake?

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