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What can I say? Welcome to motherhood for me. My gaming life has gone drastically downhill since having a son who apparently decides to break every single milestone ahead of time. At this rate maybe I can get him gaming by 12-18 months . . . hmmmm. He might break all of my Mario Kart high scores by age 2! Just kidding, I don’t have anything you could refer to as a “high score”, must keep up that feminine mystique or whatever.

Exciting news though! New Ace Attorney and ZOMG it’s Phoenix Wright again *swoon*. Don’t roll your eyes at my girliness, if you’re a Phoenix Wright fan you totally got a bit lightheaded when you read that! Don’t deny it, I won’t believe you.

No, Brad and I weren’t able to make it to any conferences this summer. Maybe next summer. I’m hoping that even if I can’t make it (baby and all) at least Brad can make a trip up there and hang out with some of his old buddies.

So… quick review before the prodigy wakes up.

Okamiden, oh god why have I waited so long to post this review. I facepalmed just realizing I never went over it.

Okay, so, if you loved Okami as much as I did you will probably feel a twinge of disappointment in Okamiden. There just wasn’t nearly as much invested in the characters and the ending was not as emotional or climatic.

But down to the most important part:


What the heck? How could you rip THAT out of the game? It was amazing, if you just wanted to chill you could walk around and feed some boars, no big deal. And they thanked you for it, it was amazing. I get it, DS game, but seriously?? I want to feed a baby pig! Or a random cow, or bunny, I mean come on man, BUNNIES!

Ugh. That didn’t stop me from buying every single chibi Okami merchandise I could find. I even have the chibi keychain. It’s adorable. Ahem.

It’s sad how empty the Okamiden game actually felt, it was beautiful, but empty. I feel like if I even go into the semi emotional moments it’ll just be all spoilers for anyone who wants to play the game, but they were a bit spoiled just because you couldn’t control anything through them. Bah!

However! Considering they left the ending open ended if you plan to follow whatever they plan on following it up with I’d go ahead and play it. If anything it’s an interesting story, the kid just isn’t as great as the little green guy with the mushroom hat that hits on all the good looking women like he’s Tony Stark.

The story was already written for them so I think they may have felt a bit more inclined to keep the story straight. I think prequels can be more difficult to create than anything following the story. While a story might seem absolutely fascinating when it unravels on a scroll in the opening credits it can make it harder to translate when you’re actually going through the story. Kind of how it would be easier to be given the beginning of a story and writing the end than the other way around. At least in my case. I’ve always been able to know the end of what I wrote but had no idea what to do with the beginning and keep it interesting so the reader actually gets to the end.

I guess the best parallel I can draw is between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. I don’t know if y’all remember but someone posted that the review was a bit sad. The truth is, it is really sad. It’s Matrix II and III sad, it’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sad, it’s George Lucas Star Wars prequel Jar Jar Binx sad . . . (okay not THAT sad, but you get the idea).

This brings me back to Phoenix Wright. This game has always been executed brilliantly. It’s told back stories, the characters are always endearing, you get the “oh my gosh I recognize that guy!” without the complete cheesiness that people tend to inject into that kind of storyline. I was wary when they branched out into Miles Edgeworth and Apollo Justice, but they still did really well with the stories and the characters.

Now, I still have hope for the future ones because there won’t be a restricted storyline. I’m hoping that they’re able to create a solid name out of this because this game is absolutely gorgeous, it’s obvious there is a soul put into it. It’s definitely more family friendly (the females dressed a bit more risque in Okami).

In other news.

World Ends With You?

Possible ‘The World Ends With You’ Sequel Teased in iOS Version’s Ending




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    Ok, why is there a battle star galactica game add on the side of the screen. Why? I don’t get it. Has that always been there? Or am I just missing something. I might be overreacting on a little add but seriously. Why? ( I know this comment has nothing to do with the subject but I just needed to ask ). Its ok to ask a question off topic once in awhile. Right?

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