Ah rants . . .

Watching Brad play Resident Evil 6 Demo:

Fairly: At least his hair looks good.

Brad: His hair looks horrible!

Fairly: What are you talking about? His hair looks amazing!

Brad: No, look . . . adjusts camera . . . see the shadows? It’s horrible!

Fairly: Whatever, you aren’t a girl, you have no idea what you’re talking about!

[Brad: Leon’s hair was fabulous! (as it was in Resi4!) It was the shadowing that sucked :P]


Brad: Why am I even here? Look, she’s killing everyone for me. I’ll just stand here.

Fairly: You’re just supposed to stare at her. That’s the entire point.


Sometimes I wonder just how entertaining the conversations Brad and I have are while either I’m watching him play a game or we’re both playing . . . or he’s making me play while he watches. I have a tendency to be pretty vocal while playing. Anyway, onto the point of this post. While Brad was playing Resident Evil 6 the subject came up of the whole losing control and pushing a button when the screen tells you to. There’s a name for it, I forgot it, Brad will remind me once he reads over this post.

Anyway, in the Resident Evil 6 demo they do this with the car. You don’t actually DRIVE the car. The makers of Resident Evil 6 decided to give you the unique experience of being a backseat driver where you merely yell at how stupid the Leon is being and how you should be driving the car. I’d like to think that maybe that was it, I’d even like to think that they implement Leon turning around and pointing a gun at the screen while growling that if you don’t shut up the Game Over screen is going to come up and eat you. However, that’s not the case.

There seems to be a strange correlation between the prettier a game is the less the makers of it like to give you control.

NO NO! It’s PRETTY! Just sit back and gaze at our amazing graphics. Watch how the Leon you are NOT controlling hits that flesh eating monster just so. Now see how the water runs down the windHIT B HIT B WHY ARENT YOU HITTING B?!?!?!

I think Resident Evil 5 was the first game I ever played where I had to do that. Except I think it was the Z button. I remember asking Brad why in the heck that was the case. Brad mumbled something under his breath about the industry and I wondered why the boss fight was just one giant cut scene.

It’s basically turning video games into a giant paint by numbers set. Except with the paint by numbers set you have the option of using a different color without risking the death of your painting.

I’m not sure if it’s just a bunch of people who grew up with videogames and then decided that there was no way the next generation of gamers was as good as them or if it’s just because there is a CEO saying “Make it easier! Don’t let them get frustrated! Put a sign THERE telling them where to go!”

Back in the day a sign just basically told you what buttons did what and then threw you to the wolves. The jump button didn’t always work, a combination would go awry, well to lessen the risk of that we’ll only give you one button option and we’ll even tell you when to press it.


I mean my gosh the entire point of a videogames is to give you an adrenaline push, something similar to what athletes might feel without the risk of pulling a muscle. I’m sure soccer would be extremely entertaining if there was a guy on the sidelines who would pause all the players for a split second so you could kick the ball straight into the goal. Sure it might be cool for a little while, but it’s definitely not as satisfactory.

So what if I get frustrated with a game and throw my hands in the air, giving up. I’ll come back. Stop feeling like if I don’t beat your game that means your game is an utter failure. Maybe it just means I’m a loser. OKAY? You know what happens when your game is almost unbeatable?

They become legend…

Seriously though, way back in the day there were games that were impossible to beat. It didn’t stop people from buying them because maybe just maybe they would be the person to beat the game.

Maybe that’s the issue nowadays. People just want a game they can beat. The game doesn’t have to necessarily be good, they just want to beat it. And in the laziest way possible.

I’m waiting for the game that basically just involves pressing A or B at the right time through the WHOLE game. It’s basically an interactive movie. Where you just press one button. Hm.

ETA: Would anyone be interested in a first impression of Borderlands 2? 


  1. WJUK

    They’re called ‘Quick-time events’ (QTE).

    And I agree that they’re pretty pointless, admittedly it’s not exactly new with this type of gameplay (anyone remember Dragon’s Lair in 1983?). That being said, Dragon’s Lair was built upon that premise so you knew what you were getting into, in most games it just throws you out of the immersion it’s been trying to build.

    Also, QTEs on PC are no fun. I’m looking at you Resident Evil 5… F+SPACE?! WHO USES F+SPACE?!

  2. KCreator79

    There is actually a game based entirely on quick time events, it’s called heavy rain… it’s actually a very good game, just finished it a few weeks ago 🙂

    Wow, this website looks very uh… dead, what happened? 😮 where is everyone? only 5 comments? I’m more used to see 100 or 80 whenever theres a new post :S

    And yeah, hello, long time no see! 😛

    • FairlyObvious

      I know Heavy Rain, it is definitely a niche game (in my opinion). Not something I would play. It definitely plays more off of a PC – choose your own adventure game. I mean that in a NICE way by the way, I know it might sound a bit condescending but that is how most PC games started.

      That being said, if Brad has that in his library I might try and play it just to get a feel for it. Ya never know, might end up really liking it.

      Wait until Brad posts his follow up. Then you’ll see about 500 comments in under three minutes 😉

      Not to mention I don’t think a lot of people know how to respond to a post like this. :-/

    • Brad

      Heh, or Dragon’s Lair 😉

      I tried the demo for Heavy Rain, it really just made me mad. I’ve always felt that the strength of gaming is with the player’s interaction with the character and world, I’ve always made games starting from the point of how they *feel* first and foremost, even smaller client projects. Heavy Rain just *feels* bad. It might have worked as a motion control game, where the motions ACTUALLY control what you’re doing, instead of simply triggering further action (jumping in the Enslaved demo).

      I’ll be completely honest, the part where the game just started falling apart for me is when you can go drink some coffee. I tried to pull the trigger too hard and spill it on myself, but alas, I could not. Push the button, trigger the animation, bah.

      For the record, though, QTEs in God of War and Resi4 work wonderfully. Though I’m more of a fan of the ‘struggling’ ‘minigames’ in Infamous.

      And no kidding, site’s been kinda dead lately, so Fairly wanted to start a discussion about control in games that I plan on following up with a more developer focused look at taking control away from the player in the name of spectacle (my favorite thing to complain about at the moment!).

      • KCreator79

        What I really like about Heavy rain isn’t really the QTEs, but the interaction with the characters and the world, as you mentioned. You don’t really get to feel this interaction in the demo since it’s so short, but when you make a choice in the full game, you are stuck with it for the rest of the playthrough. So you can kill one of the main characters or make a horrible decision, but the story will still continue, so the story can end in a humongous amout of ways 🙂

        I’ve always supported developers who are trying out new ways of making games, so that’s mainly why I bought this game, plus it looked interesting. I can see why people find the playstyle a bit strange, but I didn’t have anything against it once I got used to it 🙂

        There is actually a playstation move version of heavy rain, so I guess you could try that one out! xD

      • KCreator79

        Sure I do! :mrgreen: I think you joined the forums quite a while before I did. Wow it’s been so long since I’ve been here that I can’t even remember when I joined this forum xD

        *15 mins later*

        So I have still no idea when I actually joined this forum but it was around januray-february of 2011. I also remember that I was “spying” on the forums for quite a few months before I decided to join, lol 😛

        Where is applewarrior btw, is he still around? Just remebering those mr green and mr red moments which you two always posted before xD

        Also I found this uh… poem that you wrote in late 2010 while I was looking for some of my own comments:

        5 more minutes until i break

        i hope for brad to bake a cake

        come on Brad, its not that hard

        just put your recipe on the pan.

        Out comes in Fancy Pants’ shape Whoo!

  3. Minifig3D

    Ah yes, quick time events. My most memorable experience with those was in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed one and two. While they could be mildly entertaining, it got rather repetitive to finish off every chicken walker with the same key combinations and have to watch the animation over and over again. Alternatively though, you could just finish killing the enemies slowly with a lightsaber and lightening, but that takes more time than performing a 3 button combo after they get to half health.

    Also, the “STOP IT! Just STOP IT!” made me think of an old Bob Newhart skit that I love. 😀

  4. dogman

    This kinda stuff is really depressing. It is almost like they were trying to appeal to the people that watch the movies or something. Like a genius plan to lure more people into playing the games. Except it’s not. What is supposed to be interesting about games is that you have a choice. What if capcom used their money to make something unique and more focused? They don’t need all this stupid cinematic stuff.

    • FairlyObvious

      Lazy gamers make lazy game designers rich. I mean now it’s all about achievements and graphics. You get achievements for DYING, I mean what?

  5. Sausagefanclub

    You guys should post more of your gaming conversations, they’re hilarious to read. I like how Brad was being picky with that character’s shadowing. 😛

    And yeah; I miss the days when getting a 1-UP in Mario games was actually worth celebrating. Nowadays you can basically get them at a rate of at least one per minute.
    In NSMB2 there’s coins EVERYWHERE (I haven’t played it, but it’s easy to tell). Getting extra lives is way too easy now.
    The only Mario games that still seem to be challenging are the 3D ones like SM64 or SMG.

  6. dogman

    Fun fact: lives in super mario games have been pointless after super mario land 2. The game over screen is shown when you lose all of them and then your are back where you were in the game. In new super mario bros 1 and 2 you start where you beat the last boss. That’s at least a penalty, but nothing compared to super mario bros. They also don’t do anything in fancy pants I think?
    That also makes collecting coins useless because you get 1-up when you get 100 coins. That doesn’t change the fact that the levels can be cool and challenging, just the lives are pointless.

  7. AJ32


    I’m finishing up a few client projects right now. The Grateful Dead game update is live (gratefuldeadgame.com) and there’s another that will be done really soon. After that I’ll have some time off and I’ll get the videos and posts rolling again.

    First fun thing after that will be the DYO FPA and videos around that. If I keep all that just on my site, I won’t need everything to be in a single swf, so I’ll be able to add fun stuff like Cutie Pants.

    I’d love to do another Q&A with Fairly, or some sort of gaming podcast, we both like ranting about games so much, heh.

    I’ve been getting really stir crazy lately, and there’s a good deal of ideas that were dropped from FPA on console that I think might be worth at least trying out in Flash.

    That’s what Brad said.

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