1. Minifig3D

    It seemed to me as though when Bungie made a Halo game, they looked at what was good and bad about previous Halo games and improved upon that. 343 seems to have looked not at previous Halo games, but at other popular games on the market and added “features” they thought would fit well. My first thought when I saw a robo-dog or whatever heading at me was borderlands. I do like being able to call in weapons in multiplayer, though I was concerned at first when I saw a kill streak bar building up like in cod. My favorite thing about the game is sprinting. I thought it was silly in reach that sprint was a special ability that would take the place of my jetpack or hologram. Well, that’s my 2 cents. 🙂

    • FairlyObvious

      Brad actually said the exact same thing. The dog/Borderlands reference.

      Online multiplayer is a completely separate thing from campaign. They seem pretty separate altogether. I do appreciate that I can choose my layouts and the addition of sprint as a normal ability (who doesn’t run?) was definitely a plus as well.

      I haven’t been a fan of the maps for a while, but it might just be because there is nothing about them that seems familiar at all.

      Honestly Halo 4 just wasn’t like the previous Halo games in that everything was completely forgettable. I can recall certain parts of all of the games before this one, but Halo 4 just isn’t memorable at all. And it’s SHORT, it’s so short. We finished it and said “That’s it? That can’t be the end. That’s the end? No way!”

  2. jude52

    you should review this game when your not PMSing, 343 revamps a classic series by sticking true to the old storyline and you say they cant take credit? BULLSHIT bungie did a great job with the past 5 games but they did shit all for halo 4 and giving them any credit is like giving brad pit credit for obamas second term. just doesnt make sense. the ending leaves it open for two more games and the script was beautifully made that develop main characters more in one game than the previous 3 installments. If you can get a team together and even attempt at what 343 did i wish you luck in getting half the sales, reviews, and true fans that loved the game.

    • Brad

      I got a new GPU recently, so if it’s on PC, I’ll play a game from my Mac to the TV with an HDMI cable wrapped around the room, but using a wireless 360 controller (I’m really terrible at doing anything with a mouse).

      Since I have to boot in to Windows separately, though, I end up mostly just hoarding games on sale from Steam, though 🙁

      We’ve been co-oping through Borderlands 2 with Fairly on my laptop, lately (no split screen on PC games = teh fail).

  3. johnnyv

    The story was different but spartan ops and the multiplayer are amazing. What pussed me off was how halo 3 ends with u saving cortana, only to have her die in the next game

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