Fancy Box: Report 2 – Fight 1

Waaait what?? Another post so soon?? This can’t be! But it is!

Watch my cousin Matt and I beat the stuffing out of each other for the grand amusement of teh interwebs! Try this smashing (see what I did there?) new multiplayer mode in the Fancy Box now!


  1. angryplant

    i noticed that their seemed to be a small jump, medium jump, and big jump and that if the person is dying, while his soul is leaving him if you hit him hard enough that he lands on rope (if their is any) all he has to do is jump back on to the main land and he’ll be all right (that means not dying)

  2. Parttimeninja

    I think you should make something happen that’s rewarding after you knock someone off the map. Like in Super Smash Brothers they explode, in this you should see their pencil fly back an stick in the ground or something.

  3. Uuh

    Maybe you could spawn enemies, like in the world 3 demo room, it would be a LOT more interesting with ninjas flying at you while you try to kill your cousin ๐Ÿ™‚ and maybe when the toothpick ninjas are defeated, they drop squiggles, I don’t know -.-‘

    • Brad

      Probably not, I’d have to make all the challenges work with multiple people, and program in all the logic for handling how multiple people progress through the game. Over the Top handled all of the collectibles and end level doors and menus for that and such. That was one of the only things that I didn’t make in Flash first.

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