Gears of War: Judgement

It took me a bit to figure out how to review this game. So I’ll give the bare minimum.

We came, we saw, we chainsawed, and then two hours after we beat it I forgot we’d beaten it.




  1. Vick

    Heh, sounds both fun and unfulfilling, like that random action movie on at 3 AM you watch only cause you can’t sleep.

    Great review of the new Tomb Raider too, made me want to play it even more.

  2. Juliorob

    Yeah, that’s why I prefer a longer game, not so much because the length, but for the experience. One example will be a TloZ game; I prefer to play my games two hours a day tops, except when I have more time, but what that makes is that the game I´m playing becomes a part of my day, something to come back to, which makes it just like reading a book (but games are more entertaining because they require an input, you have to be engaged), that way you really get into the experience and history, you learn to appreciate it more I think. When a game like that ends you really feel it, you almost don´t want it to end. This game sounds exactly the opposite, not saying it could not be good, but it´s not the same.

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