1. WJUK

    Maybe you were about to shoot Bambi and Thumper jumped into the way!

    I’ve yet to play the game but it seems like a decent game. I saw the beginning through a video from PAX and it looked quite fun. However, I’m interested in knowing how they handled the transition between the beginning, where Lara is all scared about killing/surviving to later on.

    • FairlyObvious

      And I will now go cry myself to sleep.

      You are a cruel man, WJUK.

      The transition was a bit seamless, honestly. It was definitely just a sense of survival and a lot of allusion to her past. I think the most interesting part was that all of the men were honestly trying to prevent her from sacrificing too much of herself.

      I’m a pretty nonviolent person, as can be seen by my I didn’t want to shoot Thumper reaction, but the reality presented in the game made the situation that much more real to me. I don’t want to say too much because I really don’t want to spoil the story.

      The truth is, she is never actually terrified of killing. At least that’s not the vibe I got. She’s very resistant to the idea, but the whole thing kind of hits like a hammer. I had a lot of “Oh my god, did that just happen” moments.

      • WJUK

        Oh god, now I’m going to have Brad on my back for making you cry!

        It sounds like they put a lot of thought into the character design. I’m glad the game turned out as well as it did, Tomb Raider has always been an enjoyable series since it’s establishment.

  2. atlas

    Lol I cannot stop laughing at your experience with the bunny rabbit? Is it wabbit season? I really don’t know, if it is, good for you! Though i really like the way they pieced together the game, seems very realistic…..

    • FairlyObvious

      I agree. They did an amazing job with it. I’m actually excited to see where they go from here. I seriously hope they don’t drop the ball on this one because it has serious potential.

  3. PantsyMan

    Hey Fairly,

    Just wondering, is your job by any chance related to the bliss that is video games or are you fully committed to the duty of your son?

    • FairlyObvious

      I’m actually divided into several categories. I’m back in school for music, I spend the majority of my time with my son, I am kind of a semi-secretary for Brad, and I do my best to keep up with gaming. Brad’s been pushing me to get back into gaming, Tomb Raider is actually the first game I’ve finished in a while. He has a list for me to go through now. It sounds bad but I don’t have a “job” more of a list of hobbies, haha.

      Brad told me to point out that I wrote all of the dialogue for World 3.


    Thank you for giving this review. It is the first one i have read by a real person, not someone on a gaming site, and i agree with everything you said. there is only one thing i dont like in the game. If you pan the camera to look at her face when you reload, IT DOESNT MOVE and is kinda freaky. but thats it. great job. and i did love the story.

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