Level Creation Commentary

As a bonus for all key holders, I’ve added some commentary to the level in progress (what will be level 5). I’ll be updating it as I draw it out and add brand new bonus levels to it, but it will be accessible to everyone once it’s finished.

I never know how much regular players want to hear about the ‘making of’ part of my games, but you could see some more features like this in the future depending on the level of interest.

Just go to the Remix, through the Extra door, and into ‘New Level in Progress’ door!


  1. Sausagefanclub

    I like this idea! It really helps to make us feel more “involved”.

    I’m hoping that those rubber frog enemies will return someday, because their complex animation for when you kick them makes them a lot of fun to defeat.

        • Sausagefanclub

          I like that idea. An enemy who needs to be defeated by stomping them when they’re down would be interesting. And perhaps any other attack like the slide or pencil could knock them around, but not defeat them.
          How about a flying turtle that chases you? This way the player will be more obligated to defeat it instead of just hitting it out of their way.

  2. Auad

    That was super fun. I guess it’s fun regardless of the person’s level of interest in the making progress. That door spoiler, though, I KNEW IT! Always thought it’d be a good place for a door. Hah, guess I already played FPA enough to know.

    I’m enjoying my key content, so keep it up. :woot:

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