Borne Games Challenge #3: Angry Dragon Birdemic!


Oh don’t tell me you didn’t see this one coming! Brave the swarm of Angry Dragon Birds and reach the end of Level 3!

Also, don’t forget to check out the Challenges tab on the navigation banner up there. What could be next??


    • Brad

      Don’t know about level 4, it’s much bigger than the others. Maybe some new challenges for older games instead?

      Haha I keep recording something then not liking it… Maybe I’ll try again, I’ll definitely have more to talk about once I start on W4 again.

      • squiggleinator3000

        Well, it could be like a race from the end of the level to the start of the level :p. Oh, and what do you mean by older games? You mean like World 2? That would be awesome!

        So… when are you gonna start working on World 4 😮 ?

        • Brad

          World 2, Nuclear Eagle, anything really.

          I’m ridiculously excited to get back to World 4, but there’s Level 5, some bug fixes for the Remix… Not much left to do for the site finally. Might be a few small releases between now and W4 though.

  1. BassCannon

    Brad, whenever I go to play the game it shows the loading screen, loads, then cuts to a white screen that plays the game music but doesn’t do anything other than that. What should I do? ❓

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