Fancy Snowboarding Teaser

Quick Update:

So the game should have been out already on the app store, but got rejected on its first review because of a setting Scaleform left on by default that has no reason to be on (UUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH).

So yeah, guess we’ll see how things go.


Where the heck have I been lately??

Making you guys a game for Christmas, obviously!

Snow Fancy


  1. Auad

    This looks so cool.. *.*

    But.. it says -also- on mobile.. does it mean we’ll get it for computer? (Cause it’s all I got, you know)

    • Brad

      Of course! Not gonna leave anyone hanging!

      Most of the game will be available free online, and all levels to anyone with a Fancy Key (but, it plays so much better on a touch screen, so if you ever get your hands on an iPod Touch or something don’t forget about it!

  2. Roxy868

    -random off topique question- brad do you think that there will ever be a fancy plants adventures game on a nintendo consol? …i think t’ll be hard to get him there but t’ll be so worth it!

    • Brad

      I absolutely love goofy old Christmas specials, so I’ve been wanting to do an actual Christmas / winter game for awhile now, but I’ve been wanting to use the drawing mechanics ever since I played Kirby Canvas Curse (<3) but thought the mechanics would be more fun with momentum.

  3. RageTH

    Will this game be also available on android and windows phone or only on Ipod, Ipad?
    I’m asking becouse I have windows phone :p.

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