1. AJ32

    Hmm… needs iOS 8. 🙁
    Well, I guess I have to wait until the full version of the Flash version is online. But I’m still buying the iOS game now, since I want you to get some more money. :cat:

    • Brad

      Why thank you! I might remove the requirement in a future update, it just won’t run very well on iPhone 4, and I can’t just limit the game by device, which is annoying.

  2. RockinPIXARdude

    @Brad. Please oh please put Fancy Snowboarding and Fancy Pants Adventures on the Android Google Play store. My new phone is an android and I miss having it everywhere I go 🙁

  3. truesonicrpgfan

    Pls make Fancy Snowboarding Compatible on IOS 7.0 and make it free.Uhh What a so cool cool stuff? Anyway I called it Skiing Fancy Pants,Cool right?

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